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Written by Brook Moore   
Wednesday, 25 February 2009
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Thermaltake V1AX
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tt-13.JPGThermaltake V1AX, Socket 1366

While the stock coolers have improved over the past few years, Tt makes the argument that improvement is not enough when you are talking extreme performance; can the V1AX live up to its reputation on this new core?


Thermaltake has been around for sometime, in computer years one might say forever. Their name is synonymous with cooling performance, therefore it is probably no surprise that today I am taking a gander at modified to fit on the latest from Intel, the Core i7 Socket 1366.

While the latest from Intel is tame at idle, once you start pushing the envelope things heat up considerably. Even at stock speeds 100% CPU on stock coolers reaches into the low 50's; up the anti just a little bit, and you will soon be seeing mid to upper 70's (and yes we are talking Centigrade here). has been a stellar performer in the past, now with a slight modification it fits on the new Intel Core i7. Let's see how she measures up.


  • Socket 1366 (Intel Core i7)

  • Socket 775 (Intel Core 2 Duo / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Extreme / Pentium D/4 / Celeron D)

  • Socket AM2 (AMD Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 / Sempron LE / Sempron 64)

  • Socket AM2+ (AMD Athlon 64 X2 / Phenom / Phenom II)


  • 3 Pin connector

  • Fan Speed: 1300 – 2000 RPM

  • Max Air Flow: 86.5 CFM

  • Noise: 16 – 24 dBa

  • Material

    • Fins – Aluminum

    • Base - Copper

  • Weight: 420g

  • Measurements: 147mmx143mmx92mm


Clearly laid out on the packaging of the Tt V1AX is the fact that it has adapters for Socket 1366 (Intel's new Core i7, in case you have been under a rock for some time). .

Removing the Tt V1AX from its packaging you get the first hint of how large this cooler truly is. The weight alone, at 420g, does not give away the size of this thing. A lot of you will need to pay attention to the height as I can see this being to tall in many applications. Also included inside are the many adapters to fit the differing Sockets along with the manuals on how they are to be installed.

The design of the V1AX is that of two sets of Aluminum fins with Aluminum Heat Pipes running through them, a fan sits in between the sets of fins pulling air through one set and pushing it through the other.The design is simple yet elegant.

The underside of the V1AX is copper, pulling off the plastic shield yields a well polished base. Following the instructions for the Socket 1366 adapter installation we notice that this adapter, like that of Intel's stock cooler, uses snap in surface mounts. Not my favorite way to mount a cooler, especially one that rises as high as the Tt V1AX does.

Once the adapters are installed and the Tt V1AX snapped into place we turn her on. As you can see Tt also steeped the V1AX in Tech Blue so those of you that like to show off the insides of your case are pleased. Let's not forget to install the fan control knob; they need to give this a little more cable or a sticky or something to enable you to mount this out of the way. While the manual does not mention it, if you install the V1AX without the fan control, it will simply run at full CFM. 

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