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HIS HD 5770 1GB

HIS HD 5770 1GB The HIS HD 5770 1GB card follows the reference design, but of course HIS have their own unique package and extras. This mid-range card aims for the ...

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HIS HD 5770 1GB


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Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST31000528AS 1


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HIS HD 4670 IceQ Native HDMI 1GB (128bit


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OCZ Agility SATA II 2.5" Solid State Dri


Patriot Prepped and Ready for the Launch of Intel’s P55 Chipset!
Written by Scott Harness   
Friday, 21 August 2009 11:18

Patriot launches Sector 5 Gaming Series in anticipation of P55!


Fremont, California, USA, August 20, 2009 - ®, a global pioneer in high-performance memory, NAND flash and computer technology, today announced the release of their new Sector 5 Gaming modules explicitly designed to compliment Intel's® new P55 chipset.

Specifically engineered for the new P55 chipset, the Sector 5 gaming modules have been optimized to take full advantage of the dual-channel architecture. 's Sector 5 series will include two options; an extreme latency with speeds from 1333Mhz to 2000MHz supported with ’s award winning Viper II heat shield. In addition, the extreme latency will include Futuremark's® 3DMark Vantage, the world's #1 benchmarking software, offering consumers the chance to see how their system performs and stacks up against worldwide contention. The Futuremark Bundle will be offered in kits of 1600MHz and higher. 's second option is their enhanced latency, "G" Series, which gives you the look and feel of many of the high end, gaming memory products, but with an advantageous price.

"The Sector 5 Series have been thoroughly tested for maximum performance with Intel's P55 chipset," says Benny Chea, 's Senior Application Engineer. "In conjunction with Intel’s chipset, we have tested these modules on some of the premier motherboard manufacturers; Gigibyte®, MSI®, Asus®, and Intel®. Capable of handling the demands that high-bandwidth multimedia programs and PC games require, the Sector 5 memory has the perfect combination of density and speed to push systems beyond what is currently imaginable."

Product Information:

Part Number Description UPC
PVV34G2000LLKB SECTOR 5 VIPER II 4GB 2000MHz LL KIT w/ Futuremark Vantage 0879699009232
PVV34G1800LLKB SECTOR 5 VIPER II 4GB 1800MHz LL KIT w/ Futuremark Vantage 0879699009225
PVV34G1600LLKB SECTOR 5 VIPER II 4GB 1600MHz LL KIT w/ Futuremark Vantage 0879699009218
PVV34G1333LLK SECTOR 5 VIPER II 4GB 1333MHz LL KIT 0879699009133
PGV34G1600ELK SECTOR 5 G SERIES 4GB 1600MHz EL KIT 0879699009140
PGV34G1333ELK SECTOR 5 G SERIES 4GB 1333MHz EL KIT 0879699009164

For more information about 's Sector 5 Series and other memory module and flash memory solutions, please contact your Sales Representative or visit .

About Patriot Memory:

designs, manufactures and markets high performance, enthusiast memory modules, flash products, and computing technologies. products have become world renown for their extreme performance, reliability and innovation. sells its products through original equipment manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and distributors. It has operations in North America, Asia and Europe. ’s parent company, PDP Systems, Inc., was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Fremont, California, USA.

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