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Antec Super Lanboy Antec Super Lanboy: We take a look at Antec's latest revision of their Lanboy case. Sporting 120mm fans this time around, they also made some additional changes.
Date: January 7, 2004
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What do we need today in terms of portable cases? Well, something small with a lot of space. Something light but strong at the same time. Something functional, but not overloaded with gadgets. The Lanboy was Antec's original answer to those in search of the ultimate LAN party case, and they've upped the ante with the .

With the current generation of enthusiasts, cases are one of the most important parts of their computing lives. Gamers are a big part of this community, and we talk about gamers (specifically LAN gamers) because I really don't think cubicle drones in an office would need the case we will be reviewing today.

The Super Lanboy is something that would suit anybody but let's be honest, the case is not targeted towards business users as the design screams for attention. Other than the fact that it's very portable, one reason why I was excited to review the case was the 120mm fan mounts would be a perfect match with my water cooling setup. Yes, it's a darn good looking case, but looks aren't all that matter for me (Ed. Note: Except for when it comes to chicks).

Case Dimensions

16.5"(H) x 17.1"(D) x 8.2"(W)

Drive Bays
- Front Accessible
- Internal

3x5.25", 2x3.5"

Expansion Slots


Cooling System

Up to 2x120mm Fans
1 rear (standard)
1 front BlueLED (standard)

Main Board Size



8.8/11.5 lbs (net/gross)


Standard ATX

Special Features

Internal drive trays with rubber grommets

Clear SidePanel window

Free Carrying Strap
2 Front USB 2.0 Ports/2 audio jacks
Package Includes
1 Tower Case
1 set of screws and motherboard standoffs
1 Installation manual

The Package

The case arrived in good shape, without any serious damage to it. The only problem I found was a little piece of chrome-coloured plastic missing on the side windows. Though most of the case is made of aluminum, there are quite a few plastic parts, and more aluminum would have made the case sturdier.

Other than the case, inside you'll find a small instruction manual, an unmounted 120mm fan, a rear IO plate, and a LAN strap. Since the case is designed for LAN goers, it doesn't make sense to burden yourself carrying your PC around with both hands. Antec includes a nice carry strap to lace up your PC and carry it off with one hand. The rubber handle is quite comfortable, and the straps themselves are quite strong& on par with the GearGrips we've looked at in the past.

External Features

In terms of aesthetics, the Antec Super Lanboy is a fine looking case. From the pre-installed blue led fan in the front, to the nice silver finish throughout the case, and the large side window, Antec built the Super Lanboy to grab attention. The Super Lanboy is a mid tower case, and as mentioned earlier, an all aluminum design, save for the front bezel which is made of plastic.

The case also features a pair of USB connections. Useful if you have a digital camera or flash card and detest going under your desk to plug something into the rear USB ports.

There is a nice blue grill with a 120mm fan (with a three pin connection) behind it for the air intake. Though plugging in a large fan into your motherboard isn't a good idea (it may blow out a mobo fan header), it is near impossible to do with this fan since the cable isn't long enough to reach the motherboard. The simple solution is to plug a three pin-to-molex extension, but this isn't included.

Other than the pre-installed 120mm fan, there is a second fan included with the Super Lanboy. There are instructions taped to the fan, but installation is fairly straightforward. The fan is installed in the rear of the case using the provided rubber snap-ins. Other than making it easy to install, the rubber snap-ins will reduce fan vibration noise as well.


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