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asetek WaterChill Antarctica Kit asetek WaterChill Antarctica Kit: We take look at asetek's WaterChill paired with their newest Antarctica water block.
Date: July 2, 2004
Written By:

Computers are always changing. They are getting faster, bigger, smaller, and especially hotter and louder. Many companies have started to introduce products to help out with the last two aspects of the computer evolution. They will redesign the heat sink, or introduce a new fan which will “silence your computer” even more than the previous silent fan. You can only go so far with conventional methods of cooling. Air can only take you so far, you will need to cross into the ocean sometime. Which is where water cooling kits come in. Water is a much better heat conductor than air, thus allowing for better cooling. “Water cooling kits are only for extremists though”, is what a lot of you may be saying right now. With the technological advances of the kits, and newer easier to use designs, water cooling is no longer just for the extremist, but for the enthusiast.

is one manufacturer that has brought this cooling design from the back rooms to the show rooms. Building on 8 years experience in the computer industry, asetek has released some very innovative packages. which is included in the Waterchill kit being reviewed today? Utilizing on water inlet right above the CPU core and using two flanking water outlets to balance the water is interesting design, but we will have to see how well it actually works.

  • WaterChill CPU Cooler Antarctica supporting Intel P4 S478 , AMD Socket A ,  AMD S754/S940 (AMD 64)  
  • Black Ice Pro Radiator with push on fittings   
  • 120mm Low Noise Sunon Fan with push on fittings  
  • 1200 l/hr Hydor Pump with push on fittings   
  • WaterChill Control Unit with SafeStartTM, NoiseControlTM and LED connection
  • WaterChill Plexiglas Reservoir
  • WaterChill Tube Set (2,5 mtr.) 
  • ALL fittings and mounting accessories are included
  • Anti Algae Fluid - 25 ml bottle 
  • Heat Conduction Compound - 2 ml tube 
  • Installation Manual

Packaging is fairly important for a water cooling setup as you definitely do not want any broken or leaky parts to be delivered to you door. I was very glad to see that the asetek Waterchill kit came in such good packaging. The box is made out of a semitransparent corrugated cardboard. It is fairly sturdy, and does not allow for too much bending to occur.

Once the lid is popped you can see just how well everything is packed. Foam sheets are placed on the top and bottom of the box, surrounding all components of the kit. There is also a secondary piece of foam on top of the CPU cooler and accessories to protect from damage even further.

One thing to notice is that the parts are all loose and are packed together. Normally this would be a bad thing, but the way asetek packed everything there is nothing to worry about. The package came to me all the way from Denmark and their was not even a scratch or evidence of anything moving around.


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