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Cooler Master Alloy Front Bezel: Now that you've slapped down money for that fancy aluminum case, you'll need to do something about those beige drives.
Date: December 12, 2002
Catagory: Cases & Cooling
Written By:


Ok, so you've got your swanky aluminium case. Looks good don't it : ). All that brushed metal gleaming in the light. The solid and clean industrial aesthetic proudly displaying it's superiority over your old plastic and steel case. But what's this? Something is marring the overall appearance. Something is not conforming to the metallic look. Something isn't right. The Beige plastic on your CD ROMs just ruin the whole effect. So what to do? Well, you could dye them. But it's still plainly obvious there plastic. How about stealthing them? Great, keeps the aluminium look but now there's no way for anyone to realise you have a CD Rom there. Step in and their replacement Bezel.


Special design Alloy Front Bezel that fits most CD/DVD-ROM/RW.
Using genuine 3M double-sided tape.
Best matched with any alloy chassis.
Stealth your drives!

A closer look

As seems to be the trend with products lately, the package arrives in a nice clear plastic flat pack, with everything you need to disguise your CD Rom. The bezel is constructed from brushed aluminium and emblazoned with the Coolermaster logo on both the bottom left of the bezel as well as the diamond logo on the tray front. Coolermaster have used 3M tape to make sure that the bezel wont fall off and also to help provide the extra spacing needed to clear eject button, volume dial or any other obstructions.

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So first things first you open the packet and measure up the bezel to make sure everything fits. Those of you with curved tray fronts need not worry as the tray front replacement has 2 lips either end for a standard tray or for a curved tray you can stick the 3M tape onto the back of the replacement tray front itself, insuring a proper fit.

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Once you're sure of a good fit, you can proceed to place the 3M tape into position. The tape has been "Kiss Cut" into the correct shapes needed to fit the tape onto the bezel so putting the tape on requires just a steady hand and a few seconds. Tape up the eject button as well and put that into place into the replacement bezel. Push down hard onto the CD Rom and you're done. Very simple to fit and done in seconds. Double check before the tape sticks permanently that you can still use the eject button and that the tray opens correctly and your ready to put the tray front into place. Again, line it up (easier this time as the tray front fits snugly into the front bezel) and stick it down. All done and your drive is looking pretty swish.

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There are obviously a couple of things to note here. First one is that the bezel will not only hide the plastic nature of the drive but also hide all of the LED's, dials and button's except the eject button. The other thing to note is that the replacement bezel will stick out about 6mm more than standard, so make sure you can move the drive back in it's bay far enough. People with drive rails are going to find that difficult if not impossible to do, so check that it's possible for you to do this before hand.

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The other thing I found handy is that rather than supplying you with just the bits you need in regards to 3M tape, the tape supplied was enough to cover the entire bezel pieces. This is good for 2 reasons. 1, it will allow you to move the bezel from one drive to another (assuming you can get it off the first one). 2, as happened to me, the tape that was cut to shape for the surround of the front, had stuck to the bezel in the wrong place before I had even opened the package. Not good, but luckily, since there was so much tape left over I was able to remove the tape and replace it with bits from the remaining tape (would have made for a short review if I couldn't :D )

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The finished results are pretty good and once in place no-one will be able to tell that the drive in question isn't constructed with an aluminium front bezel from factory.


Final Words

This is a great looking idea that is both simple and quick to do. The 3M tapes width will clear the buttons and dials beneath the replacement bezel just enough to allow for a perfect fit. The bezel should match perfectly with any brushed aluminium case allowing you to hide the beige plastic that can really detract from the overall appearance of your rig. Even if you don't have an aluminium case, the bezel will still give a new lease of life to old and tired looking drives housed in a steel and plastic case. The bezel should fit on 95% of drives out there, and the dimensions of the bezel make for a nice snug fit to give an overall factory installed appearance. It will cover up any LED's and other dials/buttons apart from the eject button, and it will also add another 6mm to the front of the drive, so bear that in mind before you buy. All in all, a very nice item to help spruce up your case. Thanks to for supplying the review sample.


Looks very good
Brushed Aluminium construction
3M tape kiss cut to size
Easy and quick installation

Will cover your LED's and other buttons/dials
Will add an extra 6mm to the front of the drive

Final Words
A simple and effective mod that can give a factory installed aluminium appearance to your drives, just make sure you can move the drive back in its bay 6mm for a flush fit as well noting the loss of your LED.

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