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Aerocool Aeropower II Titanium PSU: Windows have appeared in PSU's, with acrylic covers for sale by many online retailers. But once again you can buy "pre-modded"from the factory PSUs. One such PSU we shall be looking at today, is from Aerocool.

Date: September 22, 2003
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Modded computers are more and more common these days, but perhaps that's the wrong statement to make? At one time, a modded computer meant just that, it was modified from the original design premise, but now you can easily go and buy factory built devices with windows, LED fans, appliqués and other non essential additions. Everyone is getting in on this market place, and with good reason. At one time, the PC was resigned to the bottom of a desk in its beige colouring, until someone started using paint and windows in the side panels.

But that wasn't enough, and soon windows appeared in the top panel, and then in optical drives, with manufacturers following slowly and giving reason for the modding community to produce even more unique results. Continuing this theme, windows have appeared in PSU's, with acrylic covers for sale by many online retailers. But once again you can buy "pre-modded"from the factory PSUs. One such PSU we shall be looking at today, is from .

Unlike the majority of modded PSUs on the market, the features true windows rather than an acrylic covering which gives it an almost retro look. But looks are not the be all and end all of it, so let's get a good look at what else is under the hood.


Special features:
Speed Selections: Auto, Medium, Low.
Auto: Control fan speed automatically by system temperature.
Low: Low Speed
Middle: Middle Speed

Aerocool's patented Thermal Fan Speed Controller can control up to 3 fans at the same time.
3 outputs for another 3 system fans to be controlled, bringing the total fans to 6
Titanium plating
24pin convertible converter
OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
OCP (Over Current Protection)
SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Remote Control Fail (PS off) Function (Set to > 2.3ms)

The Specifications are feature filled in the usual manor of high end PSUs including all the normal safety precautions such as Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), and with 520w of power, it is certainly beefy enough to provide your system with enough juice.

Also of note is the fact that the mainboard power lead is of the 24 pin variety, with an included adaptor to take it back down to 20 pin that the majority of users will need. Included from the output leads are three dedicated 4 pin molex connections for use with system fans, which are controlled by the switch at the rear.

The packaging for the Aeropower II is full colour and photographic, displaying pertinent information and advertising some of the features of the PSU. The main advertising statement that will get your attention has to be the big and bold "See it without hearing it!" which sounds wonderful so let's hope the statement is a true one.

Included with the Aeropower II is the power lead to plug into the wall and the 24 pin to 20 pin ATX power adaptor. Everything is carefully bubble-wrapped inside which is just as well as the delivery man must have seen fit to just let it bounce around happily in the back of his van; thanks for that.

Opening up the bubble-wrap I was presented with one of the shiniest looking items I have ever seen. The Titanium plated surface of the PSU is mirror polished, so I shall right now apologize for my fingerprints in the pictures. With the blue windows (green are also available) this gives off a stunning aesthetic which if you are into looks, will certainly not disappoint. The PSU is heavy as well, I weighed it in at 2.54kg so coupled with the polished exterior the PSU and the juggling act to get it into place will most certainly necessitate the need for a quick clean after installation (unless you use gloves).

The top of the PSU is adorned with a sticker showing off the specifications, which is a good place to put it as this makes it easy to hide. Note the reflection of my case interior behind the camera in the close up picture above. It's THAT shiny, can almost shave in it.

At the bottom we find the first of the blue acrylic windows and the clear bladed blue LED fans. The fans are properly guarded with a standard finger guard and the window gives you a view inside at the electronics. Chances are this isn't a view you will see often, but you will certainly see the glow produced by the fan.

At the front of the PSU we find the exit for the power leads, an air vent and another fan, this one of your standard black variety. I have to say that I'm at a loss to understand why a standard black fan was used here. I suppose that since no window is on this side and with the leads no doubt obstructing the view for most people it would make it a bit pointless, and certainly it isn't going to affect the performance of the PSU, but just seemed a little surprising is all. The connections included are ten 4 pin Molex, two 4 pin floppy, one 6 pin flat AUX, 1 P4 4 pin, 1 24 pin ATX Power (use the included adaptor for 20 pin motherboards) and also three separate 4 pin Molex connectors marked "Fan".


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