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WACC Dual Radiator and P/A Reservoir WACC Dual Radiator and P/A Reservoir: We take a look at a couple new additions to the WACC lineup which are a new dual radiator and passive active reservoir.
Date: July 21, 2004
Written By:

Regular readers of Viperlair will likely have seen our reviews on Watercooling products over the past two years, but if you haven't you can go and read our thoughts on them here right now.

Done that? Good, so now you know that (who so far have proved themselves to be anything but whack) are a British company who for the last 2 years have been designing their own small bore watercooling system which has surprisingly good performance and at a good price point in comparison with the big boys. Since the last 2 reviews and the products they sent to us have been good, we jumped on the chance to look at a couple of new additions to the WACC lineup which are designed to integrate into the WACC setup, yet still be easily used in other watercooling systems.

Dual Row Radiator


Dual Row design
Internally Rifled Copper Tubing
Louvered High Density Fins
10mm Tails
Black Epoxy Coating
Removable Outer Casing for Easy Custimization
Light Weight Construction

The new Dual Row Radiator brings the WACC Radiator in line with your average 120mm radiator you see from other companies, being both compact and effective by design. In comparison with the older three row design, the size has been reduced by almost half depth wise, although remaining 120mm means that height and width remain the same. It's nice to see the black epoxy coating being a standard feature, since it's a simple way of tidying up the overall appearance, and black will happily fit in everywhere.

The view from the top shows off the dual row nature of the radiator and also lets us see the 8 pass tubing (10 if you count the entrance and exit pipes) of the pipe work. With the Louvered High Density fins and the Internally Rifled nature of the pipe work, overall surface area is quite extensive and should be good for cooling.

The only complaint I have (and this is more of a personal one) is that the removable casing affixes by 4 screws that interfere with mounting onto the rear of my case using the supplied screws. Since this is because I'm fixing the 120mm into the rear position of my Antec case, and the 4 screws on the radiator casing lift it away from the case, I had to change the screws to attach the fan for some that were longer by a few millimetres. Certainly not a big complaint and one that won't affect many. Other than that, if the Radiator performs as well as it would seem to by the specifications, WACC should be onto a winner, and one that can be used for more systems than just the WACC 8mm Small Bore system due to its 10mm tubing.

Passive Active Reservoir


300/350/450/550/1000mm lengths
Optional Colours (Blue, Silver, Black)
Clear Concave end caps for easy visual flow monitoring
2x 8mm Push fit fittings (one each end) (different size tails can be fitted upon request)
2x Blanked ¼"barb holes (one each end)
1 x mounting brackets supplied (1x for 300, 350, 450 - 2x for 550, 1000)

The P/A Reservoir is going to be the meat of this article, and I'm going to go all out and say it now, this thing is great; I love it. The concept of this P/A Reservoir is a simple enough idea but has been implemented very well indeed by WACC. The design is basically a hollow heat sink, and according to WACC, one of these in your cooling loop (even without a radiator) will allow an average non-overclocked system to run without the aid of cooling fans.

Even a high end overclocked system, along with a radiator should only need to use the fans under load. Bold claims, and you will see later on if WACC can deliver. So this reservoir is Passive by nature, but Actively adds to the cooling, hence the name P/A Reservoir.

WACC sent both the Dual Row Rad and P/A Reservoir in their usual prompt manner and both items were very well packed, both being bubble wrapped inside their packaging (a double wall box for the rad and a circular hard card tube for the reservoir) along with any extra fittings or components needed such as mounting brackets.

I've chosen to look at a 450mm version as a middle ground (WACC do different sizes from 300mm up to 1metre) which should hopefully help you gauge somewhat how the different sizes will affect the cooling potential of your system.

Visually, the reservoir has serious presence (subjective I know) and is certainly going to turn a few heads and produce a lot of questions (no, it's not a coffee percolator). You can gauge the size of the 450mm P/A Reservoir in the above pictures which places it next my Matrix DVD.

It's light, and solidly constructed with rows of fins, each of which has been ribbed (more than doubling the effective surface area for heat transfer), encompassing the majority of the circumference of the reservoir. Along one edge we find a flattened area used to mount the push fit fittings and blanked holes for the inlets and outlets. On another edge the fins have been smoothed out somewhat to provide mounting points for the included brackets.

Each end of the P/A Reservoir is stopped with a clear concave cap that allows you to visually see the waters movement inside the reservoir, and whilst I've not tested it, I would imagine those folks who use UV dye will get a kick out of the water glowing inside. Some UV LEDs should be easy enough to add if that is your bag. The caps affix by screwing into the fins, are watertight and like the rest of the unit, solidly constructed from 1 piece. Inside is basically a tube, which allows the water direct contact with the surrounding anodized aluminum. Again, like the ribbed fins on the exterior, the interior has been ribbed to increase the effective surface area. The design of the surface area is something that WACC spent a lot of time on (over two months testing on extrusion methods alone), making sure the tooling die used was as much as possible at the limits of extrusion technology.

As for any bad points, there are none that I can think of at this time. It might be nice to have a template for the mounting bracket included, though obviously this is dead easy to make yourself and probably more accurate since each user will have different applications and mounting arrangements. I've personally chosen to mount mine to the wall by the rear of my machine, which allows me to slide the P/A Reservoir off the wall if/when I need to move the system and just as easily/quickly mount the reservoir again by dropping it onto the screws.


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