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Wet and Chilly Chips Water Cooling System Rev2 Wet and Chilly Chips Water Cooling System Rev2: The Wet and Chilly Chips crew have not been sitting idle since last year. What we shall be looking at today is a few redesigned parts and extras that they have come up with.

Date: October 29, 2003
Written By:

Wet and Chilly Chips Water Cooling System Rev2

Go through any of the case gallery's you might find on online, or read the signatures of individuals in forums and it's surprising how many users in the past year or so have opted for watercooling. At one time, cooling of your system was handled by a passive heatsink until the heat from ever faster processors began to rise. Then a small quiet fan was added to actively cool the heatsink. Temperatures were still rising with larger heatsinks and faster fans provided, but with this rise in fan speed also brought a rise in fan noise levels. Temperatures are forever rising and it can be difficult to find the right combination of heatsink and fan to provide respectable cooling for overclocking purposes. Usually when you do it entails the use of a high speed (and loud) fan.

But this didn't sit to well with many end users who simply wanted a bit of quiet with their PC, especially as many have their systems in the bedroom. Also something that could provide a bit of extra headroom in their overclocking endeavours lead them to look else where for cooling. Watercooling provided the answer as it is a quiet and efficient way of cooling your system. Manufacturers have often followed the modding community and when it comes to watercooling, kits have been popping up almost monthly it seems.

Almost a year ago I was lucky enough to get hold of one of the very first kits from a new UK company who have their own design of watercooling system. You can read my review of it here. Suffice to say I was pretty impressed by its overall good looks and performance. crew have not been sitting idle since last year, but have been busy testing differing designs and adding to their line-up. What we shall be looking at today is a few redesigned parts and extras that they have come up with.

The Wet and Chilly Chips Single Radiator systems are comprised of:-

1x Radiator
1x Evercool 76CFM 120mm Fan (@ 30dB, YSTech 125CFM/42dB are available)
1x Reservoir with MaxiJet 1200 Pump in reservoir
1x CPU Cooler (and mounting system)
1x Water bottle (for filling the system)
Approx 1.5m of Silicon tubing (7mm ID and 10mm OD)
6x 7.8mm ID to 8mm OD adaptor tubes

Also included with the kit is either the newly designed universal mounting kit, or for those of you (like myself) who don't have the motherboard mounting holes, an AMD mounting clamp. have also supplied us with their Graphics Card cooler and 2 different radiator designs to test. With the exception of some distilled water and a little antifreeze (or other similiar agent), the kits come with everything you will need to get started. Ok let's take a tour of the parts and I'll compare the old to new where applicable.


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