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Vantec 6040H CopperX Heatsink: If you're still using stock cooling for your AMD Athlon, and are looking for a cheap alternative that will also provide better cooling, we look at a viable solution from Vantec.
Date: March 28, 2003
Catagory: Cases & Cooling
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Test System

MSI K7D Master-L Mainboard
2x XP 1700+ Processors (Processor One polled for review)
3x Panaflo fans for exhaust
Ambient room temp of 75 degrees fehrenhiet
Athlon XP 1700+ @ Stock Speed, 1.75 Volts

Idle Temps

As you can see, at idle temperatures the Copper X does a darn fine job of keeping the 1700+ cool and calm. Let's move on and see how well it handles the 1700+ at Full Load.

Full Load Temps

Even at full load, which was achieved by running Prime 95 for fifteen minutes and then polling the processors using MSI PC Alert software, the Copper X proved to be quite the achiever, allowing the processor to only reach 44 degrees. This kind of performance is very good, but it is nowhere close to the performace achievable by Swiftech or Thermalright's cooling solutions.


Based on the performance of the Vantec 6040H, which was above average but not spectacular, I am not prepared to give the unit an award of any sort. However, this unit may be worth buying if you want an above average copper heatsink with an easy to use clip and all the necessary accesories. I don't feel that I should take any good points away from the 6040H based on the noisy fan, since most heatsinks out there have a fan that rival the noise produced by this one.

Adequate performance
Decent Price
Easy to install/Nice clip mechanism
Comes with thermal grease and molex adaptor

Loud fan
More capable heatsinks available

Bottom Line
I think the Vantec 6040H is an above-average cooler. It's big selling point is the easy to use clip, but that isn't enough to warrant a purchase if you are seeking the best cooling solution.

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