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Alpha PAL-8045T

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Date Posted: June 12, 2002

    Many of us have heard of Alpha heatsinks, as they have been at the top of the heatsink market for many years.  Alpha makes the heatsinks (only) and then sells these OEM products to stores to put their own fans on.  During the past few years whenever a new heatsink was introduced it was compared to Alpha's heatsinks which were considered the best heatsinks there was.  As such they cost more than most other heatsinks, but many were willing to pay the extra price to get a heatsink that would allow them to overclock just that little bit more than with other heatsinks.

    Alpha had managed to create a heatsink that lasted about two years and worked with three different types of CPU, this was the PAL-6035 which worked with socket 370, socket 7, and socket A even though it was made before this socket was released/made.  It's main design plus was the copper insert that actually made contact with the processor and, as we all know copper is a better heat conductor than aluminum, while aluminum releases its heat much quicker. 

    Many companies have tried to copy this recently, one such example being ThermalTake with the Volcano 6CU series and also the Dragon Orb series, both of which have a copper core/insert with aluminum fins.  As companies were finally catching up with a design made a couple of years ago, Alpha had to come up with something new if it wanted to be considered the best heatsink for the Socket A overclocking platform.

    So what did they do, did they go completely copper, like some of their competitors?   Or did they stick with their copper/aluminum hybrid design?  Read on to find out.

The Alpha PAL-8045T Specs

    As the model number indicates this heatsink is like a big brother to the PAL-6035 series and still uses a copper/aluminum hybrid design.  But what changes have been made to this heatsink since the 6035?  Here are the specs (taken from Alpha's website).  

Alpha PAL-8045T Technical Specs

    To look a little more into the technical details of this heatsink check out .   Well we've seen the technical details of this heatsink, but what does it look like in real life?  On the next page we will see:

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