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OCZ EL DDR PC4000 Gold Dual Channel Kit: For those of you looking for ram that can handle 250FSB, OCZ's PC4000 Gold is up to the task. How much past 250 though is something we'll find out.

Date: August 25, 2003
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Price: 460$ USD  


SiSoftware Sandra 2003 Memory

Although a synthetic benchmark, it's a popular one, freely available if you wish to make comparison benchmarks. We will be testing the memory speeds only.

Pentium 4 @ 12x200, 2-3-3-5 Timings

Pentium 4 @ 12x250, 2.5-4-3-6 Timings

At both 200FSB, and 250FSB, the Gold PC4000 trails slightly against the TWINX. The gap isn't that big, and we'll see later on if this difference is reflected in real-world benchmarks.

PC Mark 2002 - Pentium 4 @ 12x200, 2-3-3-5 Timings

PC Mark 2002 - Pentium 4 @ 12x250, 2.5-4-3-6 Timings

The Gold continues to trail the TWINX by a small margin in the second synthetic benchmark today. Results are repeatable, and in each case, the Gold just can't catch up.


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