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Microcool Banchetto 101 Tech Bench
Written by Brook Moore   
Monday, 26 April 2010 00:00

mb-22Microcool Banchetto 101

Looking for that little something that puts your computer in a class all by itself?  The Banchetto 101 just might be that missing item you desire.
Manufacturer: Microcool

While I have reviewed many cases, only two have come across my desk that could be categorized as a "Tech Bench" case.  The unique part to the ?  It is marketed as an alternative case as well...

, makers of the Banchetto 101, is an Italian based company that was founded in 2003. is a brand new division that just opened this year. came to the International marketplace with a high-end cooling component for mainboard chipsets, the and the .

The is indeed a unique case, even when comparing it to other Tech Bench cases, the design and look is differing. The clear acrylic as well as sections built specifically for Water Cooling make it very hard to pigeon hole where this case belongs.


  • Entirely Modular

  • Light, compact and transparent

  • Rapid fastening system for Motherboard and Add on cards

  • Water cooling bay with support for pumps, radiators etc

  • Handy large Power / Reset buttons

box box


The case comes shipped in a cube shaped box, making you think the unit is much larger then it actually is.

box2 box2 box2

Opening the box reveals a well packaged product, safe to ship around the world (this is from Italy so...).  The supports, brackets and screws are all packaged well and taped inside the case to make them easy to find.


Once you pull out the Banchetto 101 you realize why it is positioned as a Water Cooling alternative case, the system is an extremely open design, as in, there are no side / rear / front panels, therefore, a standard active fan cooled solution is going to be somewhat noisy, even with near silent fans.

The design is definitely Italian, with slightly beveled edges to give it a smooth yet edgy look, it is also very logical and most things can be figured out quite readily, although I did need to reference the manual to find out the “recommended” path for cabling. The Motherboard sits atop the case, while most think this insignificant, it is a huge win for me as in my other Tech Bench I have run into a Cooling solution for the CPU that was to large to fit on the under shelf.

case1 case1

There is a 3.5” tray as well as a 5.25” tray for all of your external / internal drives (ok ok, they are all external in this case). There is a plastic molded side piece that can house a couple of 90mm fans in the case you have the need to pass some air over the heat piped cooled NB / SB (Water Cooling scenario). Lets go ahead and put this puppy together.

case2 case2

All of the screws on the Banchetto 101 are of the thumb variety with a standard screwdriver slot, this allows you to quickly install and remove devices (outside of the Motherboard that is).  There are two sizes of screws, I am not sure what the larger screws are for as I did not use one of them.

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