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Altec Lansing AVS300W Speakers: Want decent sound, but you lack a decent budget? At 50$, you'd think the speakers would be lacking, but we ended up quite impressed.
Date: November 30, 2002
Catagory: Miscellaneous
Manufacturer: Supplied by
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One peripheral often overlooked when users upgrade their computers are speakers. Speakers are a very integral part of your computer. If you happen to watch movies, play games, listen to MP3's or do any other sound-related tasks and feel something is missing, a new set of speakers may do the trick. Unfortunately, for many of us, spending over $100 on a set of speakers isn't feasible. Today I am looking at a set of sub-$50 speakers from Altec Lansing.

I would like to thank Bob at for sending me these speakers. He is a very nice guy and you will be treated very well if you purchase anything from his company.


" High quality audio in a distinctive design
" High performance 3" drivers
" Ported wooden cabinet subwoofer
" Front panel power and volume control
" Satellites magnetically shielded

Plain Label PC packaged the speaker box inside a larger box filled with foam. Plain Label PC must know how my Post Office handles packages, because their packaging method was very clean and professional.

The Altec Lansing AVS300W speakers come with a power connector, two satellites, a registration card and a 12" tall sub woofer in a plain brown box. My initial reaction when opening the box was that AVS300W's are a very plain speaker set. There weren't any unnecessary additions like product brochures or coupons, and the speakers themselves had a very low-key beige-colored appearance.

Setting up the AVS300W's is a breeze. Simply plug the orange cord into the woofer and the green plug into the line-out jack of your sound card. Once plugged in boot up your PC as normal. Some slight adjustments to the bass and treble sliders should be made for optimal sound, if applicable.

The most distinguishing feature of this set of speakers is the very cleanly designed sub-woofer. It has an adjustment knob which allows you to adjust the level of bass produced by the woofer from low to rock-the-walls. Unfortunately, there are no separate treble controls on the satellites or the woofer, so you will have to deal with the level of treble within software, if allowed.

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