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Altec Lansing AVS300W Speakers: Want decent sound, but you lack a decent budget? At 50$, you'd think the speakers would be lacking, but we ended up quite impressed.
Date: November 30, 2002
Catagory: Miscellaneous
Manufacturer: Supplied by
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The satellites each feature very powerful 3" drivers which are covered by a metal screen. They are magnetically shielded and won't cause interference if placed near a monitor. Unfortunately, the wires come from under the satellites, so if not properly lined up, the satellites will not sit correctly.

The satellites produce very clean and clear sound that far exceeds their 30 dollar price point. As a matter of fact, they rival that of other $100 speakers I have tested.

The only way you can adjust the level of bass produced from the satellite is from software, and some sound drivers do not have support for bass and treble adjustments. The only other problem I can find with the satellites is that they are wired from the bottom and not the rear, as mentioned before.

The AVS 300W's strong point is definitely its sub woofer. Rather than go cheap, Altec Lansing has made a very sturdy woofer. The woofer has been painted white, with the exception of the back, which shows the woofers original press-board color. While not overly powerful, the woofer provides deep, rumbling bass tones that compliment the rich sounds produced by the speakers.

Final Words

Simply put, you can't find a better set of speakers for under $50. The woofer provided deep, rich bass, while the satellites were clear until pushed above 80% volume. Unless you need to wake up the whole neighborhood, then the Altec Lansing AVS300W should be more than adequate.

Sound great

Lack treble controls
Satellites wired awkwardly

Bottom Line
If you are looking to enhance your computer system and only have $50 to work with, look no further than the Altec Lansing AVS300 speakers. I couldn't be more impressed with the presentation and implementation of the Altec Lansing AVS300W speakers.

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