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iRock! BLiNG MP3/CD/FM Player: If the 128MB MP3 players don't provide enough storage, and the 5GB drives are too expensive, nothing beats the price/storage ratio of CDs.
Date: January 28, 2003
Catagory: Miscellaneous
Written By:

CDRs are great in that they don't cost a whole lot, and they provide at least 650MB of storage. It also helps that they're dirt cheap, and every home PC is probably equipped with a burner. With the popularity of MP3s, if you don't have a few gigabits on your hard drive, you probably have a whole bunch backed up to CDs.

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Portable MP3 players, let alone CD MP3 players, are nothing new. A couple of advantages these CD based players have is they're either cheaper than hard drive based players, or they hold more than solid state players. They also have the benefit of being able to play regular music based CDs.

iRock! is a spin-off of Motorola that manufactures a wide range of MP3-based products. Sean has reviewed the iRock! 530 recently, and today we'll be checking out the iRock! BLiNG...


Plays MP3 CDs (CD-R, & CD-RW) & standard audio CDs, in both 12cm & 8cm sizes
Remote Control with FM tuner
Playback Resume function
Bright Backlit 3 line LCD display
Supports ID3 tags; displays song title, artist, bit rate and elapsed time
Built in battery charger with auto-switch function for quick and normal charge
6 preset Equalizer modes: Flat, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Pop, and Bass
User Friendly Navigation System includes album sort and alphabetic search functions
Play Modes: Normal, Repeat 1, Repeat All, Random, Intro and program list
120 sec MP3 Electronic Skip Protection
Supports bit rates from 32Kbps to 320 Kbps
Hold function - Prevents accidental key actions
Up to 15 hrs continuous playback on 2 AA Alkaline batteries
Power Save Mode: 30 sec Auto Off in STOP and 60 sec in OPEN
UL/CSA, CE Approved
Size: 5.1" x 5.8" x 1.1"
Weight: Approx 8 ounces (235 grams)
Display: LCD with Electro luminescent backlight
Audio Output (Earphone): 7mW +/- 10% @ 16 ohm load; 100Hz - 20kHz
Audio Output (Line): 707mVrms +/- 10% @ 10k ohm load; 20Hz - 20kHz
Battery Power: (2) 1.5V AA Alkaline or (2) 1.2V AA Rechargeable
Battery Life: 12-15 hours (MP3 mode / 128 kbps); 8-10 hours (Audio CD mode)
Power Adapter: Input: 110V +/- 10% (European version available); Output: 4.5V DC@ 650 ma
File Systems Supported: CD-ROM (ISO9660), Joliet, Multisession, CD-Extra and Mixed CD
Signal to noise ratio: > 85 db
Total Harmonic Distortion: (@1kHz): <0.5%
Channel Separation: >40dB
ESP: 120 sec MP3; 45 sec Audio CD
Audio Connector: 3.5 mm headphone jack

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If there's one complaint I have thus far, it's the packaging. If you think opening DVD packages is annoying, the BLiNG vacuum wrap is even more so. After working on it for about 10 minutes with a pair of scissors, I got the packaging open. Other than the MP3 player, you also get a remote control that clips to your belt, ear-bud headphones, an AC/DC power adapter, a couple AA bateries and an owner's manual.

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