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Silicon Power M10 32GB SSD - Page 2
Written by Scott Harness   
Monday, 01 February 2010 00:00

Everest Disk Benchmark


Silicon Power M10 Above


WD640AAKS Above

The Western Digital Caviar Blue 640GB is a pretty quick drive but it can't keep up with the Silicon Power M10 in this read test. The WD640 does hold a big edge in buffered reads but for everything else the M10 comes out on top.

HD Tach


hdtach-m10 hdtach-wd640

Silicon Power M10 left, WD640AAKS right

With HDTach you can see how the performance remains a constant across the drive, unlike a mechanical drive like the WD640AAKS we've used for comparison which tapers off. You can however see that the M10 does fluctuate a little.

Atto Disk Benchmark

atto-m10 att0-wd640

Silicon Power M10 left, WD640AAKS right

Atto's Disk Benchmark uses overlapped I/O to test both the read and write speeds of a drive. As is common with SSD's, the M10 dominates in the larger read tests, but smaller reads go to the WD 640. The WD 640 also takes the writes, especially the smaller sizes.

Crystal Disk Benchmark


crystal-m10 crystal-wd640

Silicon Power M10 left, WD640AAKS right

Crystal Disk also shows clearly how the SSD does very well for reads, but has to give up the podium for the writes. Still, we are seeing some nice numbers here.


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