Arctic Cooling’s Arctic Sound S111 Speakers

Portable speakers that replace your less than satisfactory audio are nothing new, but it’s not often you find a set powered by USB. They still get the audio from a 3.5mm jack, making them very versatile in this day and age.

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At one time, you could be sure that any included speakers with your laptop would be … well, frankly; rubbish. Don’t get me wrong, they would do the job; which is to say you could hear noises from them and even identify it as your favorite music.

These days if it’s important to you, you can buy laptops that supply above average speaker setups, even including Sub-woofers. To be fair though, these are still not fantastic. How could they be with such a small space to work with?

might be of interest to you if you want more from your sound than your laptop can provide. They get the audio from a standard 3.5mm jack, but they are powered by USB, which means that not only can you use them with a laptop, but various other compatible devices (such as MP3′s or portable DVD Players with USB ports) too. Let’s take a look shall we?


Dimensions Packaging
237 L x 260 W x 100 H mm
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz)
Sensitivity (dB/mW)
Impedance (ohm)
Driver Unit (Ømm)
Output Power (mW)
USB 2.0
Cable (m)
Limited Warranty
2 years
0.56 kg

The box for the Arctic Cooling’s Arctic Sound S111 Speakers was actually larger than I expected, but designed in the usual Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound manor; silver and gray with all the pertinent details at a glance.

Inside the box you get the speakers, wrapped and packaged with egg carton like material, and a small pamphlet style instruction manual.


After unwrapping everything, you get a good look at the speakers themselves. As you can see, the driver cone is exposed which gives the speakers a nice look. You also might be surprised at how weighty they are in your hands; they are not lead weights, but they are heavier than I expected for portable speakers. Still, that hopefully bodes well for the quality.

Turning around the Right speaker, we can see a large dial for volume, the fixed cables for audio and USB power in, and a phono jack out for the left speaker.

The left speaker is pretty uneventful, although it does sport the Arctic Sound logo on one side.

Both speakers have 4 rubber feet underneath to stop them slipping around.

Arctic Cooling call these portable Dice speakers, and that’s a very apt description, as they are indeed about the same size as fluffy dice you might find hanging from a 70′s era car. The Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound S111 Speakers are however much cooler looking.


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