Arctic Cooling P321 USB Headphones

This headset from Arctic Cooling sports a retractable Microphone arm and an in-line controller that does more than just volume controls. With a circumaural design, we check the comfort and sound quality they provide.

Price: $39.75

Like many, I like to listen to music as I work. I specifically like to listen to music when I’m writing a review, as I find the background noise helps seal me away from the rest of the world to write in peace. I worry little about the time, and of course if a particularly pleasant track is played, or perhaps a new one, it can provide a moments break allowing me to continue writing a few minutes later a little more refreshed.

My wife however doesn’t like to do her homework with any noise (although she will put on headphones and sing at the top of her voice when doing the house work, something I get told off for when I do it!) and invariably she’ll be studying while I’m writing. The solution is of course headphones for me.

look to check all the right boxes. A retractable microphone, large comfortable ear cups and an in-line remote that does a lot more than simple volume controls. Let’s see if they’ll work for my situation, and perhaps they will work for yours too.


Dimensions (Packaging) 260 L x 237 W x 100 H mm
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) 12-24
Sensitivity (dB/mW) 97
Impedance (ohm) 32
Driver Unit (Ømm) 50
Output Power (mW) 40
Plug USB 2.0
Cable (m) 3.2
Limited Warranty
itemnumber ORACO-ERM25-GBA01
UPC 0872767003545
Weight 0.56 kg


box1 box3 box2


The box for the  is typical Arctic Cooling; a quite flimsy box supported by a moulded plastic tray inside protecting the main item. It works well enough, and the box front has a nice big window to let you see what your getting, including the in-line remote. The back of the box goes into the features of the headset in multiple languages.


Inside, the headphones are held in a plastic moulded tray with the usual wire twist ties. There is no driver CD provided as the headset uses regular USB standard drivers found with most operating systems.


Getting them out of the tray, we can get a good look at the overall design, which is quite professional looking. The cups are quite large and microphone boom extends nicely.


Let’s start our tour at the very top; the headband. The headband appears to be ventilated somewhat with a multitude of small holes both on top and underneath. Printed in black is the Arctic Sound logo.


Inside, the band is padded nicely and stitched at the edges. Hopefully this bodes well for the comfort.


The arms of the Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound P321 Headphones are quite flexible and adjust easily but firmly. At the base of each arm is a letter indicating which sound side is which.


The exterior of the cups breaks from the previous dark grey/blacks into Arctic’s signature silver. The left hand side has the Arctic Sound logo and model number printed on it. You can also see the microphone boom protruding.


hdp_mic1 hdp_mic2


The microphone boom sits close to the cup when you first get the Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound P321 Headphones out of the box, but like the arms of the headband, you can pull it from the cup easily and firmly. The microphone arm is highly flexible allowing you to position the microphone in exactly the right place.


hdp_cup2 hdp_foam1


Looking inside the cups, we can see some nicely padded rings with the drivers covered in the usual speaker cloth. The headset has a closed circumaurul design, which is to say that the headphones enclose your ears rather than sitting on them.


The Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound P321 Headphones are a USB device, both powered by and using USB to deliver sound. They also have an in-line remote control, which unlike most you will find on headsets controls more than the simple volume and mute functions.


The controller is kidney bean shaped and fits in either hand nicely. On the face is a small joystick style control for the Volume and Next/Prev track. Also on the face are buttons for Pause, Mute and Bass Boost. Since these headphones are designed for (and I quote Arctic Cooling here) “Music and Movie Lovers”, the bass boost is a nice extra, as is all the controls. Arctic also sell a similar headset dubbed the P301′s, which utilize a standard 3.5mm, but doesn’t feature all the extra controls the P321′s do.


Turning the controller to it’s side we find a sliding microphone mute switch. The design is easily learned blind allowing you to sit back, relax and chill out with your music and not even have to open your eyes to do it.



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