Get A FREE Copy Of “DiRT 3″ With Purchase Of Select MSI AMD-Series Graphics Card

【Taipei-Taiwan】MSI, the world’s leading international graphics card and motherboard manufacturer, announces today a special bundle program for AMD graphics card enthusiasts. With the purchase of select MSI AMD graphics cards, users will receive a full copy of the upcoming “DiRT 3″ for free! One of the most highly anticipated titles of 2011, Codemasters Studio brings a dynamic racing simulation to life. With the visual horsepower found in MSI AMD graphics cards, gamers can experience a vivid, realistic driving experice like no other.

Recognize the DiRT 3 sticker on the package

“DiRT 3″, now bundled with Selected MSI AMD series Graphics Card
By purchasing select MSI Radeon HD 6850/6770/6670 AMD series graphics cards with special “DiRT 3″ sticker on the packaging*, a game activation code can be found that allows download of the full game. With the latest DirectX 11 technology found on MSI’s AMD Radeon graphics card, enhanced details of rally racing can be shown in stunning fashion, from the tires fighting for traction on the tarmac to a smooth drift around a snow-covered dirt road.

Varying cars and tracks provide nonstop, heart-pounding visual action
“DiRT 3″, developed by Codemasters Studios, boasts more cars, more locations, more routes and more challenges than any other game in this award-winning series. With more than double the track content of 2009′s smash hit, players will experience a career as an elite professional driver, competing in off-road racing events featuring jaw-dropping, realistic damage and dynamically changing weather conditions. Additionally, “DiRT 3” features the most Rally content ever featured in the series to date, accounting for 60% of its extensive career mode.

Delivering mud, sweat and gears, DiRT 3 challenges players from around the world to race to elevate their standing with intense weather-beaten rally stages or executing precision performance driving showcases and career challenges. By delivering incredible visual horsepower with MSI AMD series graphics card, gamers can experience DiRT 3 from a true driver’s seat!

Visit the MSI website to learn more about the “DiRT 3″ bundle program:

*Due to regional differences in product and inventory, other application(s) may be bundled with MSI graphics cards. When making a purchase, be sure to select a MSI graphics card box with a “DiRT 3″ sticker attached to ensure that the full game activation code for ” DiRT 3″ is included.

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