Weekend News, May 22nd 2011

Today’s contender for the mini-ITX crown is the ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe. Being based on the H67 the chances of extreme overclocking are nil, but for use in a HTPC build it offers all (and I mean ALL) the features one would want in such a motherboard. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a multitude of video connections are just a few of what this new motherboard has to offer.

HIS has taken the AMD HD 6790 reference design, increased its clock speeds and slapped their new IceQ X thermal solution on it. The result is a solid HD 6790 card that is about 5% faster than the AMD version, which delivers awesome temperatures and good overclocking potential.

Here is our review of the same for comparison.

There are no shortage of video cards on the market today, with all sectors perfectly covered with solutions from both AMD and Nvidia. Today we are looking at the new card from VTX3D – a custom cooled Radeon HD6670.


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“This thing must be one underpowered computer for people who don’t care about performance?” Well, as
the old saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. If it has an ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe mITX motherboard under the hood, then don’t pee your pants when it smokes the riced out full tower PC next to it. Featuring a standard LGA 1155 socket for the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processors, a PCI Express x16 slot to accommodate the graphics card of your choice, what we have here is some serious awesomeness in a very compact package. Ready to find out more? Let’s roll.

ECS have become ever more popular as of late, offering up some of the latest and greatest features on a variety of boards, for the lowest possible price. This obviously applies to a huge market of consumers wanting the best bang for buck, yet not skimping on quality. ECS have jumped on the Sandy Bridge bandwagon lately and
have developed motherboards based on the 1156 socket on both H67 and P67 chipsets. Today sees us taking a look at the H67H2-M Black Series board, which packs all of the top features for a H67 board with support for the latest generation Intel processors, a reasonable amount of expansion slots, SATA 3 and two USB 3.0 ports.
Among these features, ECS also claim top build quality with all solid capacitors and 15 gold contacts for better protection and durability.

Looking for something fun to do this coming Memorial Day holiday? Benchmark Reviews is going to give away one free PC game every day this week leading up to the Memorial Day weekend. Get ready, because starting
Sunday 05/22 we will start giving away free video games (in random order):

Free Game Sunday: Create
Free Game Monday: Lost Planet 2
Free Game Tuesday: DeathSpank – Throngs of Virtue
Free Game Wednesday: Bulletstorm
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Free Game Friday: Star Trek Online
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AMD’s latest Brazos Platform has proven popular over recent months, with many users adopting a secondary low powered system for general, light duties or as the foundation of a high definition media center. Today we are looking at the Gigabyte E350N USB 3 motherboard which is built to the high standards we would expect from Gigabyte.

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