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CPU’s Compared Intel vs AMD

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Intel (Integrated Electronics) and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) are the two giants of the CPU world. Together, they produce over 95% of all the IC Chips produced in the world. Intense rivalry and continuous improvement has been the hallmark of their success. Each new chip by one of the two giants is met by an even better chip by the other. CPU’s Compared Intel vs AMD forms the focus of this review, in order to help Buyers chose intelligently.


The focus subject, CPU’s Compared Intel vs AMD, will now be enumerated as follows:

  • Intel has been universally accepted as not only the largest CPU manufacturer in the world, but also as the Makers of the best ‘Chips’. But AMD has been the superior fighter of the two. Starting far behind Intel and several other Chip Makers, AMD has nearly caught up with Intel, and is actually beginning to worry Intel.
  • In the Field of Desktops, the current most powerful Chip in the world is from the house of AMD. Named ‘RYZEN 9 3950X’, it is the finest CPU in the world, with 16 Cores and 32 Threads.
  • The top Gamer Chip from Intel’s stable is the ‘9900K’. This comes with 8 Cores and 16 Threads.
  • The 9900K clocks a little higher with 5GHz Single Core boost, whereas the AMD’s 3950X clocks in at 4.7GHz. But the AMD’s CPUs 16 Cores and 32 Threads is simply double to that of the best Intel offering.
  • The cost too is a telling factor, in a field where every cent counts to stave off the competition. But the fact that AMD’s CPU breaks through the US$500 ceiling, with a suggested price of US$749, whereas the Intel’s version is priced at a modest US$472, tells the whole story about the difference in quality between the two.
  • To determine the second ranking in CPUs, the Intel Chips recommended are the ‘Core i7-9700K’ for US$359. To match this, AMD has launched a killer Chip that can dominate Intel in multi-threaded workloads. It is the ‘RYZEN 7 3700X’ and it is a fantastic option. It comes with 8 Cores and 16 Threads, and offers a massive boost to instructions-per-clock when compared to its predecessor (2700X). it comes at a price of US$328.
  • Intel’s latest 7th and 9th Generation CPUs (i9) offer powerful performance with 10-18 Cores and up-to 36 Threads. But the prices are also extremely high. In-fact, the flagship Core i9-9980XE costs around US$1900 or higher. But, AMD’s Generation X of RYZEN 3000 CPUs can give the Intel Chips some unbeatable competition. But AMD’s earlier First and Second Generation Threadripper CPUs are still highly popular for their flexibility and price, such is their ease of application, and quality. The layout of AMD 2000 series CPU’s offer between 12 to 32 cores and up to 64 threads with multithreading simoultaneousness. The prices are only between US$329 and US$1,700. For a typical high end upgrade at a low cost, one can use Threadripper 2950X , priced at only US$329.
  • In fact, AMD has already offered an array of Third Generation Threadripper 3960X CPU chips, which are comparatively much cheaper than Intel’s, at a price of US$1,399 only, and yet power packs 24 cores and 48 threads.
  • One drawback is however that the AMD chips have a higher consumption of power, due to all these additional cores.
  • In the Field of Laptops however, Intel is already quite a distance ahead. It will be very difficult for AMD, or anyone else, to dislodge them now.
  • But AMD has never walked away from a fight, however insurmountable it may seem at first sight. It is already offering the new Acer Swift 3, and the 15-inch Surface Laptop. But for the moment, Intel is unbeatable in the Laptop zone. Their Intel Ice lake range with 10th Generation Processors include a special 11th Generation Graphics.
  • One of the most efficient laptops in the world now is the Dell XPS 13.2-in-1, and it is powered by Intel’s Ice lake. In fact, Intel also has a Comet 10th –Generation, with six-core Core i7 chip.
  • In conclusion, while both are very close in popularity in Desktops, Intel is far ahead in Laptops.
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