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What Is The Relationship Between Bitcoin Value and GPU Prices?

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Here we need to put light on processing power and we are talking about high-end gaming cards. Because of their processing power, these gaming cards have become the ideal choice for cryptocurrency mining rigs. These were in hot demand when Ethereum, Bitcoin, and many other digital token’s prices moved to heights that were unprecedented. This was in the year 2017 and 2018. Adult sites and fuck buddy apps were early adopters of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but it wasn’t long before many mainstream companies offering goods and services began accepting cryptocurrencies as valid forms of payment. This led to a legitimization of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies thus skyrocketing values.

Today’s Significant Changes

Wait there are significant changes in the trends when we look at the market today. You can see that these reports are getting reversed. You can easily see declining changes when we consider the add-in board. But meantime, there were increase in supplies. This is going to follow similar path down when there will be digital token prices crash.

Experts have expected this drop in connection to the drop that was expected at digital currency prices. There is one more thing that you can note here. The cost that is required for running the mining rigs may not be insignificant. When you observe the drop in prices of that of currencies, people will go and run rigs and they will choose to dump all their AIBs mainly on the secondary market. They do this hoping and dreaming to recover some significant cost.

What Happened In 2017?

In 2017 over $776 million worth AIBs were actually sold to the cryptocurrency miners. The majority were coming from AMD according to the experts. At the beginning of 2018, there were many expansion boards of high-end were actually sold out. Meantime there were spikes in overall prices. These resulted in tech enthusiasts and gamers to raise their anger.

One more thing you can note here is even NVIDIA took an unusual step here. They asked their hardware retailers for prioritizing the sales for gamers than cryptocurrency miners.

GPU Market

This downward trend has also mirrored in the GPU market. For example, you can consider AMD’s top-end six-pack -OEM 4GB RX 580. This was worth and had a tag of $3,600 and it was later sold out. Today, you can clearly see the availability of the same six-pack with a price tag of $2500. One more example you can consider is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition. This was earlier sold for $1050 and now available for $709.

You can also see a decline in a lot of AIB shipments which were actually aimed at crypto mining. The decline was over 55 percent and this is in comparison to the last quarter of the year 2017 to current trends. This is the main reason behind the changing of high-end GPU prices.

Other Factors

There are many other factors that may have helped in pushing the GPU prices. After the arrival of Pascal in 2016, there is no introduction that you can see from NVIDIA as a new family of GPUs. Pascal actually belonged to 10 series which arrived in the year 2016.

Yes, we are talking about a lack of inventory as well. There are many rival manufacturers in the market. Hence NVIDIA is also facing the highest competition. This is definitely due to a lack of inventory. But, there is news that both AMD and NVIDIA are building new inventory. This is definitely affected ASPs. You can also see some moves that can result in further roil for the GPU market. … Continue Reading