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Hardware Components Of Car Computers

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All cars that are manufactured in the modern world are at least automated. This implies that these cars come installed with computer hardware components that increase their efficiency. The main function of computers in cars is to monitor the engine of the cars and adjust the engine so that emissions are kept as low as possible. There are different kinds of sensors in a car that relay information. These sensors include; oxygen sensors, air temperature sensors, air pressure sensor, throttle position sensors, oxygen sensors and knock sensors.


Using the information obtained from the sensors, the computer is able to control things like spark plugs, fuel injectors as well as the idle speed for one to get the best performance. The advantage of the sensors is that they are able to detect any mechanical problems in the car and inform the driver in case there is anything wrong with the car. The mechanic will then be able to check the problem in the car and fix the problem.

Types of car computers

There are all sorts of computers and computer hardware installed on a car depending on the make, price and manufacturer of the car. There are computers that control the automatic transmission of cars. That are computer hardwares that are designed to function like an anti-lock system. They read the speed of the car and control the braking system. Some types of computers have an air bag system that are automated. You will also find advanced climate control systems that have computers. Other functions of the cars that are automated include the music player system and the cruise control system. Simply put a modern luxury car is a rolling computer.

Automatic transmission

If you have ever driven a car with an automatic transmission then you understand that their exist a very big difference between automatic transmission and manual transmission. In automatic transmission there is no clutch pedal and gear shift. With automatic transmission once you engage the car into drive then everything else is set into motion. The difference between automatic transmission and manual transmission is the fact that manual transmissions lock and unlocks different sets of gears in order to achieve a desired gear ratio. When you take a look at the inside of the gears of an automatic transmission. You will find different kinds of assortment. One of the things that you will come across is an ingenious planetary system of gear sets, a hydraulic system that control the clutches, bands that lock the gear set and wet plate clutches that lock the gear set together. In any gear set there are three main planetary key components. There is the sun gear, the planet gears and the ring gear. Each of these systems can be the input, output or stationery system.



Controller area network refers to a system of software protocols and wires that serve as a connective tissue between vehicles and computer sensors known as CANbus, originally devoloped by Bosch. The role of CAN is to make cars cheaper, smarter and capable of doing things that would otherwise seem impossible. One thing you should understand about automated vehicles is that everything seems simple but under the hood it is quite complex. The movement of data is like that of a freeway where it moves from high-traffic roads to local roads then to ramps.

There are different types of computers in a car called the electronic control unit ECU. The ECU serves a wide variety of functions which include transmission and unlocking doors and windows among many more functions. The computers make use of sensors which are wired to detect various variables such as pressure, temperature, acceleration at different angles, steering angle, braking and voltage among many other signals. Whenever an ECU needs to communicate with another ECU that is connected elsewhere in the car, it uses the CAN to send the signal.

CANbus network allow the transfer of data from the sensors and computers to circulate around the car at all times. Since each computer is sending its own particular signal around 2000 signals float around a car at any given time. Cars don’t have a central routing system but rather entails a continuous flow of information that is available throughout the ECU.

A good example of an ECU in operation is the one found in power sliding doors a very common feature in modern minivans. The doors of these minivans are opened by an ECU known as body control module. The sensors in the car constantly report as to whether the doors are open or closed. Whenever the button to open the door is pushed the system does not just open the door. It has to send signal first to check if the car is in parking mode and not moving.


Introduction of technology into cars not only meant that they will be efficient and easy to control but also improved other aspects like security and diagnosis. Most of the cars come with an On-Board Diagnostic tool. This devices is designed in such a way that a CAN network efficiently connects to all the engine sensors for the purpose of self-diagnosis. With this kind of interconnection the ECU can watch for any problems with the network and broadcast an alphanumeric code and check the performance of the engine. These checks are carried out anytime while the car is running.

What next

Modern engineering has revolutionized the way cars are manufactured and their performance. The cars have become more economical, ecofriendly and improved performance. Some heavy thinkers have even peeked behind the computer programming of cars and tweaked them to add more features or performance. It is not a bad idea if you are a professional however it is not advisable by the manufacturer as it will make your warranty void. Lastly, the electroni network of the cars are specifically designed to handle the amount of data that it receives. However, overtime depending on the amount of data that it is receiving it might need to be upgraded. Picture being able to travel in a fully atonomous vehicle that essentially acts as a travelling office. While your car is transporting you it can also be powering your internet access and allowing you access to all of your favorite apps and web tools. There is a future where you can jump on your hook up app and have your computer automated car drive you to meet and fuck with a new fuck buddy using its own internet connection all while keeping a perfect air conditioned cabin. … Continue Reading