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Best Gaming GPU’S

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Gamers fight a lot over the best GPU cards. But the “best’ in graphics cards may mean different things to different people. Some gamers are after speed, regardless of price. Others may opt for a balanced evaluation, and at a reasonable price, to judge the best. Gaming is influenced most deeply by the performance and quality of the graphics card. For avid gamers, this therefore is a most critical List, one that they will want to be based on careful analysis based on the most powerful tests. The main competition here is of course between Nvidia and AMD GPU’s. Typically, after rigorous tests, it was determined that the RX 5700 was performing better overall than the RTX 2060 Super. But that of course is not the whole story. Personal preference is final in these cases, where the technical difference is closer than a hair’s width sometimes. While Nvidia certainly continues to rule the roost with their RTX 2060 models, AMD’s RX 5600 XT and RX 5500 XT , in both 4GB and 8GB variants, come close, but at a significantly lower price. And these are just some of the factors under consideration while presenting the List below for the Most Popular GPU’s for gaming.

The following List ranks some of the Most Popular GPU’s for gaming:

  • RTX 2060: This is reckoned to be the best High End GPU for 1080p Ultra and 11440p High. Though its very fast, there are no new features, just RTX 2070 Redux. But the price is quite high, and AMD’s 5700 XT is far better, and its only just a bit better than the RX 5700, which sells for a much lower price.
  • RTX 2060 Super: GPU-wise, it ranks as one of the best High End cards, but again, there’s not much to see here. At this price, one expects to see at least some innovations. Its cheaper than RTX 2070, its fast for 1440p gaming, but it’s a big step up in price over RTX 2060.
  • RX 5700 XT: This is easily the best AMD GPU available at the moment, and its available at an unbelievably low price. Using Navi 10, it has 2560 Cores, with 8 GB Video RAM, and GDDR6 14 Gbps. Its new RDNA architecture offers fine performance. Its as fast as Radeon VII, but for HALF the price! Its not only superb with 1440p for gaming, but is excellent with 4K high when needed. But the sad truth is that AMD;s fastest GPU’s are still slower than Nvidia. And also, it has no support for ray tracing, whether by software or hardware.
  • RTX 2070 Super: This GPU card has nearly RTX 2080 performance at a much lower price. Performance is just about 10% lower, but price is a whole 30% less, than RTX 2080 Super. 4K performance will only be of medium quality, but 1440p ultra performs very well indeed, even at 60 fps.
  • RTX 2080 Super: GPU(Tu104) with 3072 Cores gives this a far better price to performance ratio than RTX 2080 Ti. It costs 35% less, and gives 85% to 90% of the performance. What more can a gamer want? It has the fastest GDDR6 in a GPU. It is also the second fastest consumer card. But it is unable to do 4K at 60 fps in many games, so some keen gamers may be a tad disappointed.
  • RTX 2080 Ti: GPU This is the Best Graphics Card overall, but only where the price is not an obstacle. Extremely High End that this GPU is, it is also shockingly high priced. This is the fastest non-Titan GPU. It can genuinely handle 4K High/Ultra at 60 fps. But it does seem a case of sheer overkill with regards to the 1080p displays. But if price is no object, this GPU, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is definitely unbeatable for quality and performance. The secret lies in the Nvidia’s Turing architecture, even without enabling the ray tracing or DLSS. It is easily 30% to 40% faster at even higher resolutions and settings. But in spite of all this, it manages only a meagre 3% to 5% increase in performance over the Titan RTX , which is almost half the price. Is it worth it?
  • RX 570 4GB: Best Budget GPU, in spite of some inefficiency and age problems. But do remember : 4GB VRAM does set limits on usage.
  • GTX 1660 Super: This GPU is 15% faster than the regular 1660.
  • RX 5600 XT: One of the most affordable GPU’s in the whole range, it gives decent performance at a low price and is particularly suitable for beginners.

Technology in GPU’s is rapidly evolving. These are some of the best picks currently, but rest assured, the next best graphics card will be out soon. When it comes to gaming, you can’t go wrong with any of these picks.… Continue Reading