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Arctic Cooling M551 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse
Written by Scott Harness   
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 00:00

mouse_buttontop1Arctic Cooling M551 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

- It's nice to see that not all gaming mice have to be expensive. The M551 is cheap and simple, but does that effects its use? Let's find out shall we?


As a gamer, I think I've gotten the idea that a gaming mouse must have as many programmable buttons as possible, and lots of subtle or even flashy lights to attract attention as well. But in all honesty, when you get right down to it, if the mouse works and has enough buttons … well, isn't that enough?

It would help if the mouse was cheap too, and this pretty much sums up 's Gaming Mice line-up. They have a few mice available, and their gaming mice are both simple and cheap. We've already looked at the M571 a few weeks ago and liked what we saw. Recently, the has appeared on their website, so we had to take a look at 's latest.


Connector USB 2.0
Cable (m) 1.8
Sensitivity (dpi) 800 / 1600 / 2400
Tracking Engine Laser
Dimensions (Product) 119 L x 80 W x 41 H mm
Dimensions (Packaging) 213 L x 142 W x 71 H mm
EAN-Code BLACK : 0872767003064
WHITE: 0872767003071
itemnumber MOACO-M5511-BLA01
Weight 0.23 kg

box_box1 box_box1

The box for the Arctic Cooling M551 Wired Laser Gaming Mouse is decorated in the silver and black theme we have come to expect from Arctic Cooling products of late. You can clearly see the mouse due to the large window in front of the box. The rear has a multi-lingual list of features.


Opening the box we can see the cord for the mouse tucked into the top of the moulded plastic insert.

From a contents point of view, you get the mouse and a small folded paper manual. There is no software included as no software is required; the Arctic Cooling M551 is simple Plug'n'Play.


The mouse itself is available in two colours; white or black. The white version has an off white and silver theme, while the black version we have here has a silver body and black surround.


The silver back of the mouse sports the circular Arctic Cooling AC logo.


Flipping the mouse around to the front, we can see the shape of the mouse. Much like the M571 we reviewed previously, the M551 has a moulded shape to support your fingers while in use, but unlike the M571, the M551 follows the more traditional shape of supporting all but your little finger. Of course, this would depend on how you hold it, but the M551 will likely feel more familiar to the majority than the M571.


The scroll wheel is within easy reach but not so far back so to find you arching your finger to reach it. The wheel is also a third mouse button, like many mice these days, and in game the button will be bound as Mouse 3.


mouse_2 mouse_2

The left hand side of the M551, the thumb area, has a shaped section with a contoured grip which and allows you to hold the mouse nicely. The two thumb buttons are nicely placed, both within easy reach of the user. The side buttons here act as forward and back for navigation, but are easily bound in games as Mouse 4 and 5 respectively.


mouse_3 mouse_3

Going back to the top of the mouse, we find a clear circular button sitting behind the scroll wheel. This button allows for on the fly DPI setting. Down the side of the mouse, behind the thumb area we find a clear window which indicates the DPI level in green, blue or red. DPI can be set to 800 (green), 1600 (blue) or 2400 (red) as you require.


mouse_4 mouse_4

Turning the mouse over we can see the the M551 has 5 slick feet. The laser optic sits in the mid palm area (middle and slightly back).


Intel CPU'S
ATI Video Cards
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