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Arctic Cooling M571 Laser Mouse
Written by Scott Harness   
Tuesday, 16 November 2010 00:00

m_wheel2Arctic Cooling M571 Laser Mouse

- You know, I've often wondered why not more manufacturers design a mouse shaped to the contours of the hand. Oh look, here's one! And it's a 2400DPI gaming mouse too.


Our third item from (see the P311 Headphones here and K381 Keyboard here) is a mouse, one of two currently marketed by (although they have more in the works). The is a laser mouse aimed at Gamers and Professional users. say that the mouse can even be used on a glass surface.

Whilst it is clear from the features and specifications that have aimed this to have all the correct features for gamers and pro users, have also aimed to keep the price down. We shall see how much of an impact this low price will have towards the quality.

seem to have all the bases covered, so let's take a closer look shall we?


  • Laser engine for absolute accuracy – even on glass
  • Ultra-high sensitivity – 800 / 1600 / 2400 dpi
  • Double-bullet and continuous shooting button
  • Ergonomic design maximizes comfort for a long game play
  • Personalize control and feel by the additional weights (up to 26 grams)
  • Smooth, low resistance movements by slick gliding feet
  • Back and forth thumb buttons for easy navigation
  • Coated cord eliminates line clustering



The box for the Arctic Cooling M571 Laser Mouse follows the silver and black design of all the Arctic products we've seen so far. The mouse is clearly visible in the box from the front, and gives you a good view of it's nicely shaped design.


The rear of the box is multilingual and goes into more detail on the features mentioned on the front of the box.


Opening the box, we can see that the USB cord is tucked away at the top. Included with the M571 is the mouse itself, weights (6.5g, inside the mouse) and a multilingual paper manual. No software disk is supplied as no software is needed.


m_mouse m_mouse

The mouse itself follows the Arctic coloring of black and silver, with the AC logo stamped on the rear of the mouse. From this angle, you can also see the contoured shape of the mouse which makes it very comfortable to hold.


m_side m_side

The left side of the mouse has two side buttons and a concave area for your thumb to rest/grip the mouse. The right side, has a molded section to place your resting fingers on. This shape does infact make the M571 one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used. I don't have to hold my little finger up off the mousing surface or push it up against my third finger. You can simply rest your hands on the mouse in a most natural manner.


m_wheel m_wheel

You will have no doubt already noticed that the M571 has not only the regular left and right click buttons on top, but also two other buttons. The first of which is a second left click button, which serves as a double click button for highlighting text etc. Holding down this double click button for a short period gets you a continuous fire button (clicking it again stops the continuous fire, or you can click the left click mouse button); this is dependant on the game. Of course, the mouse wheel itself is a third Mouse button, with the side buttons being Mouse 4 and 5 respectively.


m_led m_led m_led

This naturally leaves the button up on top of the mouse. This button controls the DPI of the mouse, which can be set to 800, 1600, or 2400 dpi. As you cycle through the DPI options, you get an LED indication; no LED is 800, Green is 1600 and Red is 2400.


m_under m_under

Flipping the mouse over we can take a look underneath at the laser sensor which sits just right of the center of the mouse.


m_foot m_foot

The two front and rear feet are quite large and quite slick in use. Two feet on the either side of the mouse balance things out.


m_weight m_weight m_weight

You will have also seen the large cover which almost looks like a battery cover. No, the M571 doesn't require batteries, but it does come with a weights system. I found the M571 to be quite light (or at least lighter than I expected it to be when I first picked it up), but that's actually the way I like my mice. If you want to adjust the weight to be lighter still, you can open the cover and remove as many of the 6.5g weights as you wish.

The weight system is nothing pretty, and quite simple, but then if it works and saves money, that's a non-issue. Unless of course you have 'a friend' with a mouse weight fetish, in which case when you show off you mouse weights, they'll be a little dissapointed.


The cord for the M571 is coated to help prevent it from bunching up; it makes the cord a little stiff, but not to the detriment of using the mouse.


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