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Titan Aerofoil Aluminium Fan: Since you've spent all that money tricking out your box, there's no point showing off some generic case fans through that side window. Swap them out and watch chicks throw themselves at you, and your aluminum fans.
Date: January 17, 2003
Catagory: Cases & Cooling
Manufacturer: Supplied by
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Cooling and good looks don't historically go well together but over the past year or so there has been a marked increase in the market for items that perform well and are aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays everything is given a facelift to please the eye as customers become more contientious of how there PC's are seen around the home. When it comes to fans there's not really much you can do to increase the viewers disposition, I mean it's a fan. However coloured fans, and LED fans are pretty common place now. This doesn't help if you're going for a clean look though, especially if the clean look is for an aluminium case. Step in Titan and there Aluminium fans. Big thanks to for sending in the review samples we have here today, the 120mm and 80mm Titan Aluminium Frame Fans.


The obligatory 'thieved from there website' specs

TFD-A8025/12V (80mm)

Fan Dimensions : 80 x 80 x 25 mm

Rated Voltage : 12 V DC

Rated Current : 0.13 A

Power Consumption : 1.92 W

Rated Speed : 2,500 RPM

Max Air Flow : 32.40 CFM

Max Static Pressure : 2.48 mm-H2O

Noise Level : < 25 dBA

Tolerance : ± 10 %

Bearing Type : One Ball

Life Time : 50,000 Hours


TFD-A12025/12V (120mm)

Fan Dimensions : 92 x 92 x 25 mm

Rated Voltage : 12 V DC

Rated Current : 0.28 A

Power Consumption : 3.96 W

Rated Speed : 2,000 RPM

Max Air Flow : 79.14 CFM

Max Static Pressure : 2.8 mm-H2O

Noise Level : < 30 dBA

Tolerance : ± 10 %

Bearing Type : One Ball

Life Time : 50,000 Hours

Features :

Aluminum frame makes the fan more robust & improves heat reduction

Shiny bright silver color perfect appearance

Electro-plated fan can protect from EMI

Electro-plated fan improves heat transfer efficiency greatly and reduces the noise dramatically

No dust amassed, because of silken surface, extends the fan life time

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