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Pertelian X2040 V4 USB LCD
November 16, 2006
If you're looking to move your widgets off your desktop, we have the gadget for you. That's not all this USB LCD can do though...
Cyber Snipa Intelliscope Mouse
September 20, 2006
With 2400DPI, 6 buttons and lazer pickup, we see if this mouse has what it takes to be a gamers weapon of choice.
Cyber Snipa Gaming Peripherals
September 2, 2005
PC Gamers often spend a lot of money on the right weapons for the job. We find out if Flexiglow's Cyber Snipa gear is worth your hard earned.
Ultra USB Hubs
July 3, 2005
Short on USB ports? We take a look at a couple USB hubs that add more ports to your existing setup.
Flexiglow Keyboard & Gaming Mouse
March 29, 2005
Looking for some input devices to bring to your next LAN party? We look at some illuminated devices that also get the job done.
Flexiglow xRaider Mouse Pad
August 13, 2004
We look at Flexiglow's latest mouse pad which improves on their past designs, and of course, it still glows.
Razer Viper 1000DPI Optical Mouse
June 21, 2004
From the creators of the Boomslang, Razer has released a new gaming mouse with optical technology.
X-Arcade Dual MAME Controller
May 24, 2004
Keyboards and mice are great for gaming, but sometimes you need something old school.
Flexiglow Illuminated Keyboard
May 21, 2004
Glowing keyboards... poor keyboards or not? We take a look at Flexiglow's offering and see where it ranks.
Mouse Grips
April 27, 2004
Got sweaty or greasy palms? Sure, you can wear gloves while mousing, but we have a look at a much nicer solution.
Flexiglow FX Mouse Pad
April 19, 2004
Blue LED mousepads don't do it for you? Red neither? How about one which gives you seven choices?
Nostromo n50 SpeedPad
March 24, 2004
Today we look at an alternative to the keyboard for first person shooters. The n50 Speedpad is a controller designed specifically for these types of games.
IdeaZon Zboard Crossfire
January 26, 2004
We take a look at a customizable keyboard designed with the gamer in mind.
RatpadzGS Mouse Pad
January 22, 2004
The first Ratpadz was an excellent offering, though there were some problems with some optical mice. The RatpadzGS addresses those issues, and a few other refinements were made.
Xoxide Black PS/2 Illuminated Keyboard - October 13, 2003
OCZ Slickpad - August 4, 2003
IceMat Mouse Surface - July 9, 2003
Steelpad 4S Mouse Surface - July 4, 2003
Bytecc Zippy EL-610 Keyboard - June 18, 2003
fUnc Surface 1030 - June 11, 2003
Mousepad Roundup - December 30, 2002
PCXMods X-Trac Zoom - April 30, 2002
Everglide Giganta and Mouse Skatez - April 8, 2002
Mouse Wars: Episode II - March 22, 2002
Ratpadz Mouse Pad - March 18, 2002
Logitech iFeel MouseMan - September 10, 2001
Logitech iFeel Mouse - July 24, 2001
Mouse Wars: Episode I - June 9, 2001
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