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Latest Site News
January 30, 2008
If you're looking for a solution to satisfy your HD needs, be it stationary or mobile, this little gadget is worth a look.
GalaXy TVistoU2F HDD Enclosure
August 29, 2007
An MPEG4 Capable Hard Drive Enclosure/Portable Multimedia Player without the need for a PC for playback.
Anydrive 3. CSFM07 Wireless transmitter and Card Reader with LCD
May 1, 2007
If you're tired of the same old tunes on your radio, this nifty little gadget lets you control what you want to listen to.
Sondigo Inferno Soundcard
January 26, 2007
Soundcard reviews are quite rare these days, but there are more options than simply onboard or offerings from Creative.
ATI Theater 650
January 11, 2007
Offering plenty of features, ATI's latest TV Tuner looks pretty good on paper. Question is, is it enough to make us replace whatever we're using now?
Sondigo Sirocco Wireless Audio Bridge
December 12, 2006
So you have backed up all of your CD's to high quality MP3's, OGG or even FLAC, but now how do you play those on your home stereo without pulling your CD's out of storage, or cutting new ones?
MSI Theater 550PRO
October 18, 2005
Based on ATI's latest TV Tuner technology, MSI makes a serious play into the HTPC market. Do they succeed?
Blue Tango Classic
August 10, 2005
Looking to broadcast your tunes around the house? We look at a product that does that without the hassles of wires.
ATI TV Wonder Elite
March 16, 2005
If you're building a new HTPC box, you'll want to checkout ATI's latest TV Tuner offering.
MSI MEGA View 561
February 28, 2005
We look at MSI's latest media device, capable of playing not only MP3s, but DivX files as well.
Mushkin MP3/WMA/Voice Recorder V2 128MB
November 26, 2004
Whether it's listening to MP3s or recording top secret conversations, Mushkin's player can handle both.
October 22, 2004
Don't see enough sweat in your football games? ATI has a solution for those of you who want to get closer to the action.
Ultra MP3/128MB USB Flash Drive
September 29, 2004
We take a look at tiny MP3 player that also doubles as flash storage.
ATI TV Wonder USB 2.0
September 1, 2004
We look at ATI's latest TV offering that has all of the TV Wonder's features in a nifty USB 2.0 package.
Apple iPod 10GB (Mac Version)
July 10, 2004
Holding up to 2,500 songs, and sporting 10GB, the Apple iPod is one of the most popular music players around.
Edifier R501 5.1 Speakers
June 30, 2004
We take look at a quality set of speakers from a relatively new player in the North American market.
Compro VideoMate TV Ultra
April 21, 2004
Looking for a TV-Tuner? We look at a great solution from an industry veteran.
Mad Dog Entertainer 7.1 Sound Card
March 23, 2004
We take a look at a 7.1 channel sound card that not only sounds great, but it's priced to move.
Zalman 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones
March 17, 2004
If you're a late night gamer, you'll want a good set of headphones to hear potential fragbait sneaking up on you... without waking the wife.
iRock! 150VM MP3 and Voice Recorder
January 13, 2004
Looking for a recorder that can also play MP3s? We look at a nifty gadget that even 007 would want.
iRock! 860 MP3 Player
January 13, 2004
We take a look at iRock's latest solid state MP3 player, which is not only tiny, but it is also armed with 256MB of storage.
WinAmp Remote Control - October 27, 2003
ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition - July 18, 2003
Acoustic Research 900MHz Wireless Headphones - July 16, 2003
Chaintech AV-515M Sound Card - March 19, 2003
ATI Remote Wonder - March 13, 2003
iRock! BLiNG MP3 Player - January 28, 2003
iRock! 530 MP3 Player - January 15, 2003
Altec Lansing AVS300W Speakers - November 30, 2002
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz - November 1, 2002
Sennheiser HD-497 Headphones - October 18, 2002



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