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Scythe announces new all-aluminum Monitor Speakers, new Class D Amplifier and further Accessories
Written by Scott Harness   
Monday, 01 November 2010 10:14

Japanese manufacturer Scythe officially released a brand new Speaker Set as well as a new Class D Amplifier. New (SCKCM-1000) are fully fledged Stereo Monitor Speakers made of high quality aluminum. The aim was to design a speaker set that creates accurate and enjoyable sound in a small form-factor while matches the most Desktop Environments. The black anodized aluminum chassis is fitted with a Scythe own 100 mm Concave Dome Fullrange Speaker Unit. The set is rated with 20 Watt power output (8 Ohm) and reproduces a frequency range from 80 Hz to 16 kHz (+-3db). Each speaker is measured to be 4.33 x 4.80(+ 0.94) x 4.13 Inch (110 x 122+(24) x 105 mm). To further improve the sound quality and the direction the speakers are aligned, total of 8 small and 4 big Rubber Feet are supplied. Furthermore, both terminals on the rear side of the speakers are gold plated and are compatible to common banana plugs. Users can purchase the Kro Craft mini Speaker (SCKCM-1000) as of today for 65.00 USD or 36.90 EUR.

is a small size Class D Amplifier which can be fitted into a 3.5“ PC cases bay. Comprehensive accessory and the classy all-black or all-silver design make the Kama Bay AMP mini to match almost every environment. For a proper connection to one speaker set and a source, gold-plated RCA and speaker terminals are located on the rear side of the amplifier. Continuous max. Output of the build-in YAMAHA YDA138 (D-3) IC is rated with 10 Watt (2 Channel) for speakers and 50 mW (2 Channel) for headphones. Furthermore SN Ratio is specified with 103 dB (headphones: 95 dB) and Max. Efficiency with 88% (8 Ohm / 10 W). Kama Bay AMP mini Amplifier is available for 53.00 USD or 36.90 EUR.

Both the above mentioned products are available as a bundle as well supplying an all-in-one solution which can be connected to a PC or CD/MP3 Player to enjoy decent sound quality. All required cables, adapter as well as an AC-adapter are included in the package. can be purchased for 70.00 USD or 66.90 EUR

Furthermore it is possible to obtain the Rubber Feet that are coming with the Kro Craft mini Speakers separately. can be used in various ways such as anti-vibration insulating  and silencing of PC Cases, Speakers or Game Consoles. Device Stabilizer-L measures a diameter of 1.181 Inch (3 cm) and a height of 0.59 Inch (1.5 cm). Small version is specified with a diameter of 0.41 Inch (1.05) cm and a height of 0.2 Inch (0.5 cm). Each of the versions comes with 8 pieces of rubber feet in black color. Users have to determine which of the size suits the aimed application the best. Device Stabilizer-L (SCDS-1000-L) is available for 7.00 USD or 4.15 EUR and Device Stabilizer-S (SCDS-1000-S) for 6.00 USD or 3.30 EUR.

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