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Speed Up Your PCs with SILICON POWER ~ The pioneering DDR3 1600MHz standard
Written by Scott Harness   
Friday, 05 November 2010 05:32
Nov 4, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan ~ Silicon Power, the world’s leading manufacturer in flash memory and DRAM module, today (11/4) announced the launch of the pioneering DDR3 1600MHz standard memory module. With this brand-new product, general users can easily reach greater performance without overclocking it. Consistent and compatible with JEDEC standards and DDR3 systems, Silicon Power DDR3 1600MHz standard memory module is definitely perfect for increasing system efficiency.
Silicon Power DDR3 1600MHz standard memory module is consistent and compatible with JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards with 1600MHz clock rate, CL9 CAS latency, and 1.5V operating voltage. It adopts new fly-by topology design for more efficient commands, addresses, control signals, and clocks signals. It also supports On-DIE Termination (ODT) to dramatically reduce unwanted reflection signals and maximize speed rate. Meanwhile, Silicon Power insists on using original memory modules and FBGA packaging technology for excellent heat dissipation and accurate data transferring. Silicon Power single / dual / triple-channel memory kits are 100% tested to guarantee high performance of stability, durability and compatibility.
Silicon Power DDR3 memory module series are in compliance with strict RoHS standards and come with a complete after-sales service and lifetime warranty. There are several options of DDR3 1600MHz standard memory module for end-users to choose from: 2GB Long-DIMM kit, 2GB So-DIMM kit, 4GB Long-DIMM duel-channel kit (2GBx2), and 6GB Long-DIMM triple-channel kit (2GBx3). For more information, please visit .
Silicon Power DDR3 1600MHz standard memory modules specifications are as follows:
DDR3-1600,SO-DIMM,2GB,NON ECC,128Mx8
DDR3-1600,LONG-DIMM,4GB,NON ECC,128Mx8,Dual Kit
DDR3-1600,LONG-DIMM,6GB,NON ECC,128Mx8,Triple Kit
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