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Epox 8K3A+ KT333

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Date Posted: June 10, 2002

    One of the few KT333 boards that was released after the chipset launch was the Epox 8K3A series.  Epox has been a strong supporter of both VIA chipsets and AMD CPU's since the release of the VIA MVP3 chipset.  One of my first SDRAM based motherboards I used was an Epox 58MVP3C-M board.  This board lasted over 2 years of hard labor and the next few socket 7 motherboards I purchased were all Epox boards.   These boards helped me to come to a better understanding of how to overclock, in fact they could be credited with giving me the overclocking 'bug'.  But above anything else these boards were very stable and as such I have come to expect great stability from any Epox board I use.

    Their most recent VIA based Athlon motherboards were considered very highly by many people, both the quality and ability of these motherboards was very impressive.  The precursor to the 8K3A series, the 8KHA series was extremely overclockable as many of the top FSB speeds for Athlons were made on one of these motherboards.  So has this ability been carried over to the new 8K3A+ board?   Well let us see as we look at this board.

The Board

    For a detailed specification I invite you to look at

The Epox 8K3A+ The box, the books, and the CD's/Disk

The 2 HDD Cables, the Floppy cable and USB cable

    What you get:

  • The Epox 8K3A+
  • Motherboard Manual
  • Quick Setup Manual
  • Highpoint 372 Manual
  • Driver CD with Norton Ghost 7 and PC Cillin 2000
  • CD with Partition Magic 6.0SE and Drive Image 4.0
  • Highpoint 372 Driver disk
  • 1 - ATA-66/100/133 cable; 1 - ATA-33 cable; 1 - Floppy cable
  • Extra 2 Port USB connector
  • Oh and a really cool box that can be used to carry stuff (just not the motherboard)

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