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MSI Starforce GeForce 4 MX 420

Written By:
Date Posted: April 17, 2002

Not to be outdone, MSI has gone the extra mile to ensure that you buy their card. A quick glimpse at the box shows the face of a green, growling monster, and the words "64 MB DDR" and "TV-Out" in huge letters.

The thing that caught my attention most about the packaging was the 64 MB DDR lettering on the box. Unforunately, the card I received does not use DDR. The box that the card came in is going to be used with the DDR based Starforce 420MX, which is going to be released in May.

The TV-Out feature is something I discarded as useless, since I will never use it. I suppose if you want to play games or watch DiVX movies on a big screen TV, then this would be a great feature for you. Opening the box I was greeted with a rather large manual, a bundle containing five CD's, a video cable, an MSI sticker and the video card.

Let me go ahead and say it. I think the card is very plain, and to be honest, ugly. I wish MSI would have gone with their red PCB here, but no such luck. The card has a black heatsink held on by spring mounts. There was an ample supply of thermal grease between the chip and heatsink, which is always a nice thing.

The card is a lot smaller than other AGP cards of today. As a matter of fact, it is one of the smallest AGP cards I have ever used. There are not a lot of components being used on the card, which allows it to be so small.

The included CD's included drivers, a full version of AquaNox (which isn't too great), an MSI Software DVD player (which isn't too great), and a 7 in 1 sampler CD with several demo's (which were pretty good, fun games). Overall, it's a decent bundle. Nothing to write home about though.

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