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LIUtilities WinTasks 4 Professional

Written By:
Date Posted: May 13, 2002

The modern Windows OS is a resource hog. I pretty much think all of you already know this, as the first thing many people do first is to delete useless programs from the Startup menu. For Windows, start MSConfig, and select how you want your PC to boot up, and what app to toggle on or off. Windows NT users can go one step further, and disable pointless services. I mean, if you don't even own a printer, why bother with the "Spooler" service? Now, if you're still running some version of Windows 9x, you don't need to deal so much with services, but background tasks still exist.

Once you do all these changes, the end result should be more free memory, and a more responsive system. The problem with this though, is that most inexperienced users probably don't know how to fudge around the task manager. LIUtilities is one company that has created a product that can do all of the above. WinTasks 4 Professional isn't just for n00bs though, as it actually goes beyond what MSConfig and Task Manager can do.

The boxed software arrived in a DVD style box. I suppose the one main benefit is lower costs, as larger cardboard boxes is a waste of packaging and memory. In theory, the CD should be better protected, as it won't get banged around in a spacious box during shipping.

Inside, you'll find your media, plus a small instruction manual. Most of the tools are explained, but as you start using the program, you'll see it's very intuitive. I should point out that I had some problems reading the CD in our AOpen DVD 16x drive. Dropping it in our Plextor worked fine, so perhaps the AOpen just had a hiccup.

Manage Computer Resources

Remove unnecessary processes instantaneously
Free up valuable memory and cpu resources
Create presets to optimize all common tasks
Use the built-in logs and statistics to eliminate resource leaks and other problems
Create custom scripts to automatically optimize the use of important resources

Optimize and Debug Software

Inspect your application's cpu and memory usage in realtime to optimize memory and cpu usage
View up to 24 hours of cpu and memory usage statistics to find memory leakage and other bugs
View windows, modules and threads owned by your application
Terminate unwanted processes and clean up after a program crash without having to reboot the entire system
Create scripts to start or stop your own programs when a particular condition is meet. For example, you could stop a server automatically whenever the client is stopped

Improve System Security

Find and kill unwanted background processes like viruses and trojans
Use the process log to find out which processes have been executed on your computer
Create scripts to prevent a specific process from running
Save the current process configuration to a preset, allowing you to instantly restore that configuration and terminate all unwanted processes.

Much like Performance Monitor and Task Manager, WinTasks 4 Professional does all this and more. Rather than opening up several programs, everything is consolidated in one spot. Granted, Windows tools comes free, but power users can appreciate having everything in one spot.

Although Wintasks improves on your system security, it doesn't do anything about trojans getting on your system. However, the program doesn't miss anything, and if indeed a trojan is present, you can effectively stop the process and clean the problem program out later.




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