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Global Win CAK-II 38

Written By:
Date Posted: April 29, 2002

Global Win Coolers

cakbox.JPG (5189 bytes)

How many of us haven't heard of Global Win?  I don't think many if any have not heard of this company, in relation to cooling products that is.  Any good computer store will usually contain at least some Global Win coolers for sale.  Where and when was Global Win created?  It began in 1992 in a small office space in Taiwan and has grown to over $10 million dollars in sales annually.  Okay, that sounds idealistic but still we can't deny that Global Win is a product leader for heatsinks.

My first experience with Global Win coolers occurred when I needed to cool my overclocked K6-2 350 that was running at 500MHz at 2.6+volts.  The only fans I could get in my city were generic fans that didn't cool the processor to under 50C under load.  So I ordered a FDP-32 and this big heatsink allowed me to cool this hot little processor. 

So when I looked for a heatsink for my Duron processor I immediately looked and picked up a FOP-38.  Since then I had bought a Dragon Orb 3 to cool my Thunderbird, but when asked if I wanted to review the CAK-II 38 I jumped at the chance to return to Global Win.


So what is the design behind the CAK-II?  Well just like the CAK-38 before it, this heatsink is made out of one piece of copper, and as is standard fair for almost any 60mm overclocking heatsink it comes with a loud 7000RPM Delta fan.   The major differences between the CAK-II and CAK are that the CAK-II is slightly shorter than the original, it also now has a professional looking shroud to hold the fan, in fact the whole heatsink looks to be designed much better with 32 fins compared to 23 from the original, and lastly but most importantly the clipping mechanism has been redesigned (more on that in installation).  For a more detailed information on this cooler (directly from Global Win) click on the link.

The contents of the box are as follows:

CAK-II.JPG (8463 bytes)

CAKshine.JPG (4381 bytes)

  • CAK-II38 Heatsink/Fan
  • Global Win Case badge
  • Installation manual (good idea to read this)
  • 3-pin to 4-pin/RPM monitor (nice idea)

Next Page - Installation/Test Setup


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