Arctic Breeze Pro USB 2.0 Hub and Fan

thumb1The Arctic Breeze Pro is a Desktop Fan and a USB 2.0 Hub all in one. Just the thing for the hot weather of late then! Let's see if it keeps us cool or just blows.

Price: $22

So I'm taking the photos for this article outside in my south facing garden. I live right on the south coast of England, although I am about a mile inland so no sea breeze to speak of. It's only early, (9am) and it would seem that today is going to be a scorcher!

A shame then that I have to go inside to write this, admittedly quick, review. However, the item in question may help to make it bearable since it's a USB powered Fan and USB 2.0 Hub. If I have to be inside, at least I can keep cool while I'm doing it! So let's take a quick look at the Arctic Cooling .


Fan (mm)


Rated Fan Speed

800 – 1800 RPM, ()

Cable (m)


Dimensions (Product)

104 L x 95 W x 197 H mm

Dimensions (Packaging)

130 L x 96 W x 223 H mm

Limited Warranty


USB 2.0






0.42 kg



box1 box2

The packaging for the Arctic Breeze Pro shows you exactly what you're getting. It's clear and molded to the shape of the Arctic Breeze Pro itself. The rear gives you all the pertinent details.


Once the fan is out of the package (a very easy thing to do) you can get a good look at it. At this point I would like to comment on the weight of the item, which is a lot heavier than it looks. It's certainly not going to be going anywhere, regardless of how powerful the fan might be.


The fan itself is a 92mm white fan that sits atop a pose-able arm. The blades of the fan are a standard affair and there are 7 of them.


The rear of the fan houses a body much like you would see on a full size fan.

standleft1 standright1

The base sports 4 USB 2.0 ports at the front edges of it's triangular layout; two on the left, two on the right. You can also see in the photos here, that the plastic is finished in a nice metallic silver.

standring1 standring2

You'll also note the speed dial in the center front. This can turn the fan on and off, as well as controlling the speed of the fan itself. When plugged in, the ring around the dial lights up blue. I would have liked to have seen this ring go out when the fan is not running, but that isn't the case.


The third rear section of the triangle has two cut outs for the USB cable to protrude from and an inlet for power should you want to make this a powered hub or perhaps use the fan only without the USB.


Under the base of the unit we find an area to store the long USB cable. This storage section is quite deep so despite the long length of the cable, there is plenty of room for it.



Final Words

The works as well as expected. The USB 2.0 Hub worked without any issues, including power issues. We tested this with various devices, and used 4 different devices at once (2 flash drives, an Xbox 360 Controller and a Multi-Card Reader). There was no difference in transfer speeds. It's fair to say the the works well enough as a USB 2.0 Hub.

As a fan for keeping you cool in the summer, it obviously isn't going to be the greatest, since the fan is 92mm rather than 92cm! Still, as a small desktop fan it doesn't do too bad. You get a definite breeze from the fan as long as you can keep it within a couple of feet and it makes no noise at all so you won't be disturbed by it. Remember those hand held battery powered fans? Yeah, I never liked them either, even when I was kid. You get a lot more of a breeze from the .

Perhaps you're looking for a USB Hub to put on your desk at work. The is just under so it's not going to break the bank and may help keep you a little cooler during the upcoming hot days. It doesn't look ugly either. If you want to use it at night, keep in mind that you will have to unplug the USB from your PC if you want the blue ring around the speed dial to go out, but since the only pushes air a few feet, it's unlikely you will want to use the fan while sleeping.

Overall the is a cheap, nice looking USB 2.0 Hub with pose-able fan on top for your office desktop.

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