Arctic Cooling Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse

m_rear1The Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse is a 2.4GHz wireless mouse that is compact and portable. It has a completly driverless installation making it simple and easy to install and use.


No matter how much she uses one, my wife just doesn't like using a touchpad on a laptop. Don't get me wrong, it's not that she can't or won't use one, she just prefers a mouse. Thing is though, if you use a normal corded mouse, this does present a reduction in the laptops overall ease of portability.


A cordless mouse however is much easier. You just pick up the laptop, put it in the bag, and do the same with the mouse; no winding up cable or getting it caught up in the zipper. It also means you're not going to trip over the cord if you're just stacking the mouse on the keyboard while you carry the laptop to another room. have quite a few mice on offer now, and this latest one will appeal to the notebook crowd.


The is a compact mouse with a Nano USB receiver, making it very easy to transport. No drivers needed either. Let's check it out.




Limited Warranty
Wireless frequency 2.4G Hz
Connector USB
Sensitivity (dpi) 800 / 1200/ 1600 dpi
Tracking Engine Optical
Connectivity range 10 meters
Typical power input 5V, 10mA
Dimensions (Product) 95 L X 65 W X 36 H mm
UPC BLACK : 0872767003026
WHITE: 0872767003033
itemnumber MOACO-M3620-BLA01
Gross Weight 0.25 kg


box1 box2


The box for the Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse is of the standard Arctic Cooling theme; you get a silver and black appearance the product and contents can clearly be seen. The rear of the box is multilingual and goes into more details about the Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse.




Opening the box, we find the Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse itself, a small USB receiver, 2x AAA batteries (Arctic Cooling branded) and a folded paper instruction manual.




The mouse itself is the standard dark silver and black that we have come to expect from Arctic Cooling peripherals, although they do offer some other devices in different colours, including the M362 which comes in 'White' (although to me it looks more like a dark grey). One thing that the pictures don't really show is that the mouse is smaller and more compact than your regular mouse; it's about 75% the size of standard.




Turning the mouse around, we find the Arctic logo imprinted on the back. Hopefully you can also see how the mouse tapers off sharply and keeps the mouse smaller than usual.




On top of the mouse, sitting just above the scroll wheel is the DPI button. This allow you to go through three different settings; 800, 1200 and 1600 DPI. The scroll wheel is nicely decorated with a textured rubber inner and a chrome effect outer edge.


m_rside1 m_sidebuttons1


The right side is a quite bare, but the left side has two thumb buttons. These buttons allow for forward and back navigation.




Flipping the mouse over, we can see that there are four feet in each corner. You can also see the battery compartment towards the rear.




In the middle of the bottom of the mouse is the optical sensor.




As important as the mouse is to the whole package, also of great importance is the receiver. The Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse uses a USB 2.4GHz receiver and it's pretty small. The receiver protrudes from the USB slot only about 4-5mm so it can be tucked away in a lesser used port and forgotten about.


In Use




The Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse doesn't have any included drivers, so installation is as easy as plugging in the receiver and turning the mouse on. The mouse is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included) which fit in a compartment under the mouse and towards the rear. The compartment itself is quite small, and one battery fits on top of the other almost.




Also on the bottom of the mouse is an On/Off switch; it's small, but quite easy to use with a finger. The mouse does feature power saving so you shouldn't need to use the switch too often.


Despite the size, the Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse is actually quite comfortable to use, especially if you're the sort who grips a mouse with your fingertips. The DPI changes are nicely spaced out, making the DPI quite useful, and a very quick and easy way to personalize the mouse for your preferred movement sensitivity. Overall, the entire setup of the mouse is very quick and easy.


Since there is no software, you can't bind the two thumb buttons to other functions, but some applications and games will recognize the buttons as Mouse 4 and 5 which can be bound. Mouse 3, the middle mouse button works as a continuous scroll; you click down and the scroll symbol appears. Moving the mouse up or down allows you to scroll the page you are on.


Mouse movement is pretty smooth, with the mouse gliding nicely on smooth surfaces. I have had some trouble with optical mice on my desk before, which has a gloss black pattern on a solid black gloss. However the Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse works absolutely fine and with perfect tracking. Other less troublesome surfaces work without issue.


I'm not really one for these small compact mice, but I don't mind using the Arctic Equipment M362 Wireless Mouse. It's quite comfortable and nice to use.



Final Words


The is a small compact mouse that works well and is easy to use. Installation is as simple as you can get; put the batteries in, turn the mouse on at the switch, plug the receiver into the computer.


The comes with everything you need, which isn't much. You get a pair of alkaline AAA batteries, USB the receiver and a multilingual instruction sheet.


There isn't a lot to say about the . It works well, there are no little issues or problems with it, it's dead easy to get it going and it's highly portable. What more could you want from a mouse to use with a laptop?


Price wise, the is less than $14 on the website. You can also get the M362 in two colours; Black (black and dark silver) or White (a two tone dark grey).



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