Friday News, October 7th 2011

Inside a solid case with efficient cooling, Arctic has found room for an Intel Atom D525 CPU, along with a Radeon HD 5430 GPU, which are good for performing daily tasks like browsing the Internet, cheching the mail, editing documents or playing small old games. The MC001 is capable of playing full HD videos and can perform all activities while keeping the power consumption to a minimum.

Although it has been many years since VisionTek has produced memory they have recently started selling again with their Performance, High Performance, and Ultimate Performance memory kits. We will be looking at the VisionTek Ultimate Performance 1866MHz 10-10-10-24 (2x4GB) DDR3 system memory kit. Priced competitively at $80 VisionTek is attempting to enter a already crowded market. Benchmark Reviews will see if VisionTek Ultimate Performance memory stands out or just blends in with the rest of the crowd.

With our quite large SSD roundup/comparison before the gates we thought it would be a nice idea to bring you all up to speed by teaming up with our friends over at OCZ Technology to give away one OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD featuring the latest lightning fast SandForce SF-2200 controller.

Case, Cooling and Power

The Icy Dock MB882HX-1SB 2.5” SATA SSD Xpander Hybrid Adapter can bring new life to your previous generation SSDs. The MB882HX-1SB 2.5” SATA SSD Xpander Hybrid Adapter can double the sequential transfer rate of the HDD in the hybrid partition when paired with a moderate or 2nd generation 2.5” SSD. Once installed, the MB882HX-1SB Xpander Hybrid automatically creates two partitions: an SSD Hybrid partition equal to twice the size of the SSD inside the adapter and a useable storage partition equal to the size of the HDD minus the SSD Hybrid partition. The MB882HX-1SB Xpander Hybrid works with any 2.5” SSD drive but for optimal performance, a 2nd generation or older SATA II SSD with a transfer rate of around 250MB/s paired with a 7200rpm HDD should be used.

With the Radeon HD 6950 being one of the top cards at the moment considering its overall price vs performance outweighing any of the competition, Sapphire felt the need to give it the FleX treatment with a variety of display outputs and the sheer compute power that we've come to love from the 6950 based card, but how well does it work when it all comes together? We got hold of one of the cards so that we could find out first hand, for ourselves.

That said, the Gigabyte UD5 is extremely easy to OC the old-fashioned way. Lately, boards have included a button to push to automatically OC your system. None of that is included here. In fact, you may want to avoid the Gigabyte Easy Tune software as well. If you want to soft-clock, use AMD overdrive.