Thursday News, September 8th 2011

It seems like it has been a while since we have reviewed a solid state drive, the last time we looked at one was back in June! Well today we are taking a look at a solid state drive this will not disappoint! The drive I am talking about is the Corsair Force Series GT 120GB SATA 6Gb/s drive. The Force Series GT’s are Corsairs highest solid state drive offering boasting read speeds of 555MB/s and write speeds of 515MB/s, on top of that they are saying speeds of up to 85,000 IOPS. Let’s check this beast out and get it on our test bench!

Not so long ago the SSD drives were out of reach for most consumers. Today the prices have come down but the price is only a single part of complex equation that deterimines what one should go out and buy. This time we take a closer look at a high end SSD unit – the Corsair Force GT.

With Call of Duty, you are constantly aware that the action is staggered between each scene. That said, sales of more than $1 Billion for the last version of Modern Warfare are nothing to be sniffed at. One question has been hanging in the air for more than a year. “Can EA overturn Activision’s grip on the wartime FPS genre with the launch of Battlefield 3?”….. PCTV sent Cold War veteran Max Smolaks into the thick of the action at i43. This is his last report.

Case, Cooling and Power

Today, we have the Keysonic KSK-3001 iBT Bluetooth Keyboard. It can be used with both iOS devices and Mac OSX but this version is aimed at your typical iOS user. It features a slimline design as well as all the necessary buttons for returning to the homescreen, search screen and also turning picture frame mode on. Let's see how well the Keysonic KSK-3001 performs.