Tuesday News, September 6th 2011

Engulfing the radiator are two high flow 120mm PWM controlled fans that pass masses of cold air over the radiator. Fan controls can be tweaked by the included C Chill software, allowing you to match cooling/noise to your liking and needs, and customizable presets allow for changes with just a single click. To add a little style to the inside of your case, the pump features a glowing Antec LED logo, which is completely customizable over the full spectrum of colors, to match any interior.

The P6X58-E Pro is ASUS’ next iteration of their popular Intel X58 based motherboard. This board supports the Core i7 LGA1366 CPU (up to 6 cores) with DDR3 memory up to 48GB. 3-way SLI/Quad GPU CrossfireX is available and ASUS was kind enough to include both the 2-way and 3-way bridges. The board is currently being sold for about $250 which puts it on par with most performance X58-based motherboards from other manufacturers. As a current happy owner of the previous version of this board, the P6X58-D, I am quite excited to see what improvements ASUS has made to this already very solid performance-based platform.

Keeping all this in mind, the Agility 3 isn't aimed at the high-end market, and therefore we are expecting some different results to what the Vertex 3 shows on paper, but we aren't writing this review to pit the two drives against each other, but instead want to show where the Agility 3 has its merits and also its "pitfalls."


The EVGA Z68 SLI is physically identical in layout to EVGA's P67 SLI motherboard. The difference however, is that the EVGA Z68 SLI motherboard is capable of using Intel's Smart Response Technology, an SSD caching feature that marries boosts traditional HDD performance with SSD speeds. The EVGA Z68 SLI can run up to two PCI-E x16 graphic cards with an additional PCI-E x16 at x4 mode underneath for a dedicated PhysX card. Enthusiast features like on-board power, reset, clear CMOS and a debug LED found on the EVGA Z68 FTW are also available on the EVGA Z68 SLI motherboard. Since it carries the Z68 chipset, the EVGA Z68 SLI is capable of using Intel's Smart Response Technology to improve hard drive transfer rates by utilizing a low-cost SSD as a cache drive. Whether you are a tech addict, a habitual overclocker or just a mainstream consumer looking for a reliable motherboard for a new system build, the EVGA Z68 SLI mainboard promises to cater to your needs.

Today we are going to look at ASRock’s flagship 990FX motherboard, the Fatal1ty 990FX Professional, which boasts a feature set to rival the "Crosshair V Formula". It also uses a very similar red and black colour scheme that is sure to appeal to many enthusiast users. Some of the most prominent features are USB3.0 support and SATA-600 support across all six internal SATA connections.

Well by now you all know who ZOTAC are as they have built up a decent reputation over the last couple of years, most of you know ZOTAC for their graphics cards and mini ITX motherboards, but more recently they have been coming to the market with barebones style systems based on the latest CPU's from Intel (ION) and now AMD (E350-APU) platform, which brings me to the product we will be reviewing today.

OCZ are incredibly well known now for all of their SSD range they have been bringing out for a couple of years now. We previously reviewed the Vertex 2 from OCZ and it was good but we hope that the OCZ Agility 3 will be better. OCZ aren't masking anything, they clearly state that this SSD is mid range performance driven by its Sandforce design. This is because OCZ want to deliver a balanced performance for value. So let's see f they have done that.


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