Friday News, May 20th 2011

Today we are looking at Zotac’s take on the new Nvidia GTX560, a card which should NOT be confused with the GTX560 ‘Ti’. The Ti was released at the start of the year and is a higher end part targeting a slightly different market. Nvidia have released the latest GTX560 to fill a void in the mid range where AMD are currently very strong. This card is set to deliver the final death blow to the previous generation GTX460, which was one of the best cards Nvidia have ever released.

The Sapphire 6670 compared to the 5770 of old offers lower voltages and temperatures, and should be appealing to those looking for something a bit more in the performance range then that of the entry level graphics cards. The Sapphire 6670 has 2 options for Gddr5 memory and comes with either a 512mb or 1GB model, making it an ideal choice for users whose primary focus may not be gaming, but want to keep their options open should they decide they want to get some game time in. I also see this card as the beginning of bringing those lost in the console world into the realm of PC gaming, and I anticipate those that make leap will realize what they have been lacking both graphic wise and game wise from the console specs of gaming graphics of yesteryear.

ASUS’s P8P67 line of motherboards is huge, as of writing this review there are currently 10 P8P67 motherboards in the lineup. Today we are going to be checking out the ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution board. The “WS” implies that it is a workstation board but the “Revolution” means this board is not just made for standard
workstation use, but in-home use and gaming applications. Because this is a workstation board you get all of the features that you would expect on a workstation board like SATA 6GB/s connectivity, platinum level 92% power efficiency, dual Intel Gigabit LAN, Digi+ VRM digital power design, EFI BIOS and USB 3.0 connectivity.
Gamers don’t worry ASUS has you covered with 3-way SLI and quad-CrossFireX capabilities and unlike most boards the PCI-E slots are nicely spaced for those setups. Read on to see what this board is all about.


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