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Xoxide C-6 Black Hawk

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Date Posted: July 1, 2002

Xoxide C-6 Black Hawk

    How many of us have at one time or another wanted to modify something, whether it was a car or now you computers case.  While 'modding' your case can be both easy and fun, many who wish to do this don't have enough time to mod their cases or the tools to do it properly.  This is where comes in, they provide pre-modded cases for your enjoyment, and the envy of your peers.

    We all need a case and as all the components inside of them get faster, they produce more heat.  Some examples of this are the newest line of video cards which produce a fair amount of heat, even heating up to 40+C without any stress being put on them.  There is also the processor, which as we all know needs a heatsink and fan on it to keep it under 50C.  Lastly there are hard drives, which can, if they are 7200RPM versions, heat up to very high temperatures, in some cases too high for reliable running.  Standard ATX cases are not designed to provide large unimpeded amounts of airflow needed to cool all these hot components inside a standard computer.

    Today we will look at on of Xoxide's newer products, the C-6 Black Hawk.  The name, while sounding like it's a helicopter, does describe the case fairly well as it is indeed black and has enough fans to rival any helicopter.  But lets look at what this case has to offer above and beyond a standard mid-tower ATX Case.

The Case

    As I just stated the case is not your standard 'gray' color, which is rather bland for most people, but is an extremely dark black color.  In addition to this pure black case they decided to accent it with some chrome molding which does help it stay away from a generic case's single color motif.  The case isn't very big when compared to a full tower case as it measures in at 430mm * 200mm * 440mm (H*W*D) or 16 10/11" * 7 8/9" * 17 7/22", which is taller than one other test case but is not as deep as that case.

The Front of the C-6 Black Hawk

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