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Mouse Bungee

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Date Posted: March 20, 2002

Unless you're on a cordless mouse connection, chances are, you've run into some kind of wiring hell. I know that on many occasions, the weight of my mouse cord has dragged my mouse a couple inches, or during a major gaming session, my cord got snagged on something on my desk. Gamers look for every little edge they can get, and for some, even the mere "drag" of the cord on a desk can be too much.

We recently got a chance to look at the Mouse Bungee, courtesy of our friends at Cool Solutions, as a possible solution to solve my mouse cord tangle issue. Ever since I switched over to the Ratpadz, one thing I missed was the cord clip from the fUNC Surface 1030. Yeah, it might not seem like a big deal to some, but I actually made use of the clip.

I've been aware of the Mouse Bungee for quite some time, and passed on reviewing it since I dismissed it as nothing more than a unnecessary gadget. For gaming, I still refuse to work with a wireless solution, so I was in need of something to manage my mouse cord. Since dumping the fUNC, I looped my cord through a rubber band I stapled to my desk. It was kinda ghetto, but it worked. Since I do go to a couple LAN parties a year, I don't think the organizer would appreciate me whipping out my stapler on to his desk.

One thing about the Mouse Bungee, it looks very classy. It has a "corporate" type feel to it, which will certainly impress the cubicle drones if you use this in the office. There are several colours , but we chose black, since it'll match my PC setup better.

The Bungee is mostly plastic, but uses a spring-type coil to manage the mouse cord, and a large metal ball for weight. The weight is handy for keeping the Bungee from toppling over, or moving around your desk, which would defeat the whole purpose of it.

In addition to the metal ball, three rubber pads help keep the Bungee in place. Now, I mentioned that the Bungee stays fairly secure, but for those of you who tend to "twitch" aim, or tend to use large, fast mouse movements, there is the possibility of dragging the Bungee around. This hasn't happened to us, but I play at a high mouse sensitivity level, so my movements are fairly limited.



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