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Ratpadz Mouse Pad

Written By:
Date Posted: March 18, 2002

Mousepads are probably one of the last things people think about when it comes to computers. Usually, if someone buys a new PC, they'll probably stick with the foam one that came with their computer. If you buy a computer from a big OEM, you'll likely be lucky enough to get one made out of plastic. Still, these pads do nothing more than to give your mouse a home. They weren't the best performing ones, but they did the job. 3M released textured mousepads to cater people who needed more precision, such as graphic designers. It worked great, as the pits and valleys of the pad allowed the mouse ball to get a better grip and provided the accuracy these individuals needed. Problem with the 3M was it's relatively high cost, and poor durability.

In the last few years, new performance mousepads have entered the scene. is well known, but today, we're going to examine the . Both are similar, in that they're textured surfaces, made of solid plastic and nearly unbreakable.

I've been using the fUNC Surface 1030 for quite awhile now, and although it's a good mousepad, a few things bothered me. For one, the base of the fUNC tends to pop the inserted mousepad out constantly. This can be really annoying when you're in the middle of a frag fest. I tried going back to my Everglide Attack Pad, but it was too small. I've heard a lot of good things from my Quake buddies about the Ratpadz, so I called a couple weeks ago to hook me up with one. The next day, it arrived in the office. If you've never shopped there before, check them out. They're a good bunch over there, and the service is great. Oh, and if you are worried about getting hiney-raped on shipping, they charge a flat rate of ~7$ Canadian on shipping.



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