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VisionTek Xtasy 6564 - Geforce 3 Ti 200

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Date Posted: March 5, 2002

    How many reviews are there on the internet about the Geforce series of video cards from Nvidia?  Lets just say allot, our own sandv!per has previously reviewed a Geforce 3 Video card, which is a good read to see the technology behind the Geforce 3 series.  So why this review?  Simply put it is a slightly different card and is from a different manufacturer, so we can see how other companies fair in manufacturing these boards, and also we can see if there is any difference in GPU's.  So lets look at what makes the VisionTek Xtasy 6564 special.

    What is different with the Ti series of GPU's from Nvidia, compared to the regular Geforce 3?  Not much, all the difference comes down to the fact that the Ti cards are clocked slightly slower (Ti 200) or faster (Ti 500), and the fact that the manufacturing processes have improved yields for the Geforce 3.   They also share the same specification base, which can be seen here

The Card

    The Xtasy comes with the following things in the box (as seen in the pictures below):

X6564_box.jpg (16356 bytes) X6564_side.jpg (5376 bytes)

X6564_front.jpg (1171 bytes)

  • Registration Card to send to receive a free copy of Power DVD

  • Quick Installation guide

  • Driver CD with Geforce 3 Tech demos and two game demos

  • The Xtasy 6564 card running at 175/200(400MHz DDR) with S-Video out port

    I was surprised to see that although there was a TV out port on the video card there was no SVHS to RCA cable for those poor people with a TV that does not have a SVHS input on it.  Now though lets look at the drivers and also what most would like to see, how high this card overclocks.

Next Page - Driver Install & Overclocking


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