Thursday News, June 2nd 2011

The GTX580 has been Nvidia’s finest moment. The card has been a big seller since it was released and it leads many of the performance charts when we factor out the dual GPU solutions. Today we are looking at the MSI N580GTX Lightning, a heavily modified card designed to target the enthusiast gamer audience.

We’ve done the GTX 580, we’ve done the GTX 570, but what about the little old 560? Well today Zotac have sent over the GTX 560 TI Amp edition. Lets see how it performs when weighed up against its bigger brothers.

We are big fans of Kingston and have always made that publicly known and for many reasons. They are one of the companies out there in the big wide world who have stood the test of time and are still keen on expanding their market and coming up with new, exciting, innovative ideas. They cater for pretty much everybody, whether you need a USB flash drive, or some memory for your notebook or even some value RAM for your workstation. Kingston do it all. Another thing that Kingston do, is produce high end memory for all types of systems from AMD to Intel and today sees us look at a set of memory specifically designed for Intel’s Sandybridge platform. Sandybridge is still the new hot toy on the market, as AMD have delayed Bulldozer to July/August (apparently), therefore memory manufacturers are keen to show their hand at what can be achieved and this memory is no different sporting 2133MHz speeds with a CAS latency of 9 operating at 1.65V.

Case, Cooling and Peripherals

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It was yesterday morning that I first read about the latest indi title to be hitting up the forums of the inter-tubes, generating a similar sort of underground buzz to that of Minecraft. Kotaku had an article on it, describing how in Project Zomboid (a name that I’m still struggling to speak out loud in a serious fashion) the writer had died from burning some soup. Ha, what a noob I thought, and fired off an email to the creators, requesting a code to give the game a try. Being the high powered, executive journalist type that I am, (of course) they were nice enough to oblige me.

One of the hottest PC games of the year has recently been released – Dirt 3. Kitguru are giving you a chance to win a copy for the PC and it is really easy to win! Five lucky readers will be playing this new game in a very short time!

Now that Intel’s finally released the Z68 chipset, motherboard vendors are scrambling to meet the demand. With the odd restrictions of the P67 and H67 chipsets removed, the Z68 allows users to make use of Sandy Bridge integrated graphics as well as overclock their processors. Add Lucid’s Virtu software for intelligent switching between the integrated GPU and a video card and Intel’s Smart Response Technology for using an SSD as an intelligent cache for your main hard disk, and the features and advantages of a Z68 motherboard become very attractive. Benchmark Reviews looks at MSI’s Z68A-GD80 motherboard in this review. MSI builds it with “military class” components, but does this make any real-world difference? Let’s find out.

To celebrate those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and a remembrance of the soon to be replaced AMD 890FX Chipset. HiTech Legion willbe giving away an ASUS Crosshair IV Formula 890FX Motherboard. Visit for more details.

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