Weekend News, June 12th 2011

Hands up if you need a new video card? Well Kitguru might just have the cure for that. Today we are giving away an XFX HD6990, the fastest video card on the market!

We have recently looked at two impressive AMD motherboards from Asus which performed well in our tests and offered great feature sets and build quality. Today we are going to look at the M4A88T-M motherboard which offers a similar feature set to the other two boards we’ve tested but in a micro-ATX form factor.

Most recently, an SSD manufacturer finally did what we have been waiting for from SSD companies for quite some time. We find it amusing that manufacturers haven’t thrown their support in SSD reliability through extended warranties long before this since SSDs have been shown to be pretty much indestructible.Other World Computing (OWC) has not only tackled this with a new 5 year warranty on their new family of ‘Sandforce Driven’ 6G SSDs but also, they are still the only company we know of with a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ return policy.

Sometimes we may see a card that has a slight overclock when compared to a stock reference card. Other times we see a card that has a slightly tweaked cooler to give better efficiency with keeping temperatures down. On the very rare occasion we may see both together, and today our prayers were answered, as we are taking a look at a card that not only offers a pre-overclocked core and memory, but also gives a unique cooling design to assist in the extra heat that may be generated.

The total consumption of modern PCs has left the “safe” zone long ago, and has instead become a fully integrated decision factor when buying a new PC or upgrading it. OK, it’s true that any PSU will do for office computers, but if you’re assembling a remotely serious gaming PC or workstation, it’s always good to add up the values and get the total consumption before venturing out to buy a PSU (one 20% stronger than what you’ve got as your total wattage, mind you). PSUs that can provide more than a kilowatt of power are nothing new on the market, and since SLI/CrossFireX configurations are becoming increasingly popular in the average buyer’s PC, they’ve actually become a necessity, not just a precaution.


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