ARCTIC at IFA 2011: A Great Success


ARCTIC Engages Consumers

ARCTIC has put on a very successful show in IFA from September 2nd through 7th, 2011. More than 228,000 visitors from around the world, including 125,000 trade visitors from 107 countries, attended the exhibition. Thanks to the unique and eye-catching design of its exhibition booth, ARCTIC has conveyed its brand and product information to numerous visitors at IFA effectively and had generated a high level of enthusiasm for its consumer electronic products among these audiences.




ARCTIC starts IFA with its attractive booth …


where soon it was flooded with audiences.


A large number of free prizes were offered to visitors who filled out our registration form. ARCTIC gained over 1,000 target consumers who were happy to become part of our regular electronic mailing list.

While ARCTIC is still extremely well-known for its cooling products, our gradual extension to consumer electronics started imminently with our Breeze Series and chargers such as the C2. Cooling is no longer just for your computer, it's a new lifestyle orientation for people all over the world.



MC001 (ARCTIC's home theatre PC) was showcased as our center of attraction. Consumer home theatre entertainment was further exemplified with MC001's Remote Control MCR1, Bluetooth Keyboard K481, wireless access point Audio Relay and numerous other ARCTIC Sound products such as headphones and in-ears. Hence, entertainment was everywhere!




ARCTIC also brought color to music. Our Bluetooth Headset P311 in five different colors (blue, pink, green, black and grey) resonated well with all music lovers. Just like the renowned DJ Bootie, music mixers and exhibitionists were pleasured with the immaculate experience provided by our Headphone P281 Bootie. Its professional design instantly converted music listeners to DJs!

P311 Series


P281 Bootie