Monday News, October 17th 2011

The Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 is a video card targeted at the mid-range market with a price point below $200. As such, it stands to reason that the 6870 should perform as an excellent upgrade for anyone looking to beef up a rig that has begun to show its age. With this in mind, the test system used for the 6870 will be something a typical user could expect to have built four to five years ago.

The ADATA S511 60GB SSD offers high read/write transfer rates on SATA3, making it a product to consider when deciding to boost the overall system performance. It comes with the Sandforce SF-2281VB1-SDC processor and 25nm NAND flash, ADATA offering for it with 3 years of warranty.

When we reviewed the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX motherboard several weeks ago, the planned launch date for AMD's new AM3+ compatible Bulldozer chips was September 19th. Finally on October 12th the chips began popping into online inventories everywhere. Unfortunately a slew of reviews published that same day gave the FX series Zambezi chips scathing remarks. Despite lackluster performance from the new FX processors, AM3+ does still have some benefits to offer AMD users, particularly if you're still on an older AM2+ board or utilizing nVidia SLI. If a $200 motherboard isn't in your budget, the ASUS M5A99X EVO we have for review today may be just your cup of tea.


Last week we reviewed AMD’s new FX 8150 processor – ____the world’s first 8 core desktop chip. Today we are following up with a look at the power consumption when compared against Intel’s ever popular Core i5 2500k and Core i7 2600k.

In this review we take a closer look at this AMD based HD6870 video card. With the special built Twin Frozr III Cooler and a 8+2 Phase PWM design this one stands out of the crowd. MSI provides this card with a dual speed fan switch. And for a price around EUR 180 not even much that more expensive to the regular HD6870's. Even cheaper for a few models.

As you may know we launched our YouTube channel not that long ago! Since that time we have been bringing you unboxing videos, video reviews, gaming footage and much more! We want to give something back to our YouTube fans so we are having a contest! This contest is going to be very simple, before we get in to what you need to do to win here is what is up for grabs. We have partnered with Thermaltake to give you 3 great cases. Those cases are the Chaser MK-1 (our review), Commander and the Dokker.

The Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Dirt 3 1GB Dual Fan Video Card could be seen as their modded import. The HD 6870 Dirt 3 Edition features an overclocked core set at 920MHz. The HD6870 is also super cooled with Sapphire's Dual Fan GPU cooler reserved for higher end cards. This fan features 90mm fans that cool more efficient and with much less noise. Features familiar to the 6870 are the 40nm chip, 1120 Stream processors, and 1GB of 256-bit GDDR5 memory (4200MHz effective). This is the Dirt 3 edition, therefore, a free key to Dirt 3 is also included. Sapphire's TriXX utility is also bundled with the card for monitoring and further overclocking.

Featuring a brand new custom 'black impeller' IceQ cooler and the innovative Lucid Hydra chip the latest Radeon HD 6970 IceQ MIX 2GB by HIS is not only fast, cool and quiet but it can also be paired with an NVIDIA GeForce card to enjoy the benefits of having both PhysX and CUDA support in your system.

Our review today is on the OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCIe SSD and we think you will find this unlike any other similar review. We have spent over 45 hours in disecting, ripping apart, examining, testing and analysing this new Hybrid SSD and we think you will be a bit shocked at what we have found. Tag along and enjoy the ride as we lead you through the last week leading up to our final report of the Revo Hybrid! Tons of Photos!