Wednesday News, September 21st 2011

The market in 2011 is literally flooded with Solid State Drives, and today we are looking at a new product from MemoRight – The FTM.25 115GB. While many people have probably never heard of ‘MemoRight’, the company have many links to the military and enterprise sectors.

Some claim that PC gaming is dying, but recent trends disagree. In fact, it looks to be console gaming that's soon to see a decline, thanks in part to a growing number of compelling aspects that PCs offer – including at the very least free-to-play games. Let's take a look at these and other trends, and the reasons behind them.

We, at, had been looking for a way to benchmark a NAS in a repeatable form without the need to buy additional software. For us, we had been performing a test in our NAS reviews that benchmarks the speed at which you can transfer the Avatar ISO to and from a NAS. This was a drag and drop process that proved to be a hassle to run more than one time. It was even more of a hassle waiting for the test to near completion to document the transfer speed at that time, and then average the results. Because of this, I created a simple batch file that can perform the test repeatedly and calculate the results, allowing me to walk away while the test was running and perform other duties. Now, I am releasing this repeatable test to our readers so they can directly compare the results they get with ours.


Sapphire has sent us their new Edge HD2 Mini PC with the new Pineview chipset from Intel. Come with us as we check out what it brings to the table.

The Edge HD2 works off of the success of its predecessor but gives users a slightly improved set of specifications with a D525 1.8GHz Atom CPU, 2GB DDR2 800MHz, 2.5&3/4" 320GB HDD and still utilising the nVidia ION2 graphics to give a perfect fully featured system in a small form factor that is smaller than most router and access point solutions and did we mention that it also comes with VESA mount capabilities?